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March 4, 2019 - Stem Cells and the Fountain of Youth

Stem Cells and the Fountain of Youth

March 4, 2019 Puzzle Piece

Did you know that you have a stem cell factory in your own bone marrow and other cells of the body?

At birth 1 stem cell will produce 1 billion healthy cells per month. By age 60 one stem cell produces 200 healthy cells per month, yet 300 million cells die every minute in the body. The body rebuilds all the cells in 5 to 7 years, which requires stem cells. As we get older, we heal much more slowly.



What Stem Cells Do

You have stem cells inside your bone marrow, in the fat tissue, the blood, etc. waiting to be activated and sent to repair and replace damaged and unhealthy tissues. When the body suffers tissue damage, lack of oxygen, or infection, stem cells are sent throughout the body where these weakened cells can be repaired or replaced.

Our own stem cells respond immediately and dynamically to slow down aging and reverse tissue damage.  Science has proven the numbers and viability reduces as we age.

If you didn't have any stem cells, you'd be dead in a couple of hours.  Therefore, this reduced number of stem cells may be a major cause of aging and eventually death.  Those of us not wanting to age rapidly, as the years pass, now have a way to slow down the aging process by increasing our own stem cells.  Also, conditions that used to have no hope or help, may very well respond to increasing our bodies own production and longevity of stem cells.  Dr Harris has had incredible results using Opti-MagnaSTEM orally and Biological Allograph injections.  He has been doing this research and treatment with increasing stem cells for over two decades.

There is more good news from Dr. Harris and his research in slowing the aging process with genetic SNPs testing and treatment.  Dr Harris is teaching a three-day class in Methylation SNPs and a three-day class in increasing our own Stem Cells.  In the last three weeks, I have assisted him in both classes.  Both are a perfect 10 when you hear his evidence and see his results.  Putting this information into practice demonstrates some of the most exciting information and techniques I have witnessed in 48 years of practicing Health Care.

The Challenge

It is rare, if ever, a person seeks chiropractic help and only has a subluxation. They all have subluxations, but why? People are under so much stress, toxic pollution, emotional, structural, chemical and environment insults. They cause many negative and degenerative reactions and subluxations. Each of these potential causes, triggers and mediators must be assessed and addressed for optimal improvement.

America is overflowing with so many autoimmune conditions, autism, diabetes, MS, ALS, Alzheimers, Parkinson’s etc. They used to be rare just decades ago and have increased with frightening statistics. Diabetes alone will bankrupt this nation and many others if people don’t stop chasing after the symptoms. We need to treat the causes.

The Solution

One solution lies with tapping into the regenerative power of the stem cells in the body.  One way to optimize the body's cells is to give specific and adequate nutritional support: Opti-MagnaSTEM™

Unlike any other product on the market, MagnaStem’s proprietary blend of all-natural synergistic herbs, vitamins, minerals and plant extracts have been formulated to assist the natural release of stem cells and help them remain healthy and active while in the body.

Each power-packed capsule contains Noni Fruit, Acai Berry, Goji Berry, Irish Moss, Atlantic Kelp, Ginger Root, Nettle Root and the most effective ingredient: Lithium. Your body will have a better ability to repair, restore, and regenerate with more and healthier stem cells.  The more you have circulating in your body, the healthier you are.

Lithium is the game-changer and the most recently added ingredient to our formulation. Over a thousand studies have confirmed its ability to promote the growth of new stem cells, thus leading to the ability to inhibit neurological decay and dysfunction.1 Studies have shown overwhelmingly positive results when using lithium to treat bipolar disorder, Alzheimer’s, stroke, and more. It has also been proven to reduce the risk of dementia.2

With the addition of Biological Allographs from healthy C-Section deliveries, we have a whole new world for increasing our own Stem Cell count.  If you want to learn more, please join us at a Stem Cell Seminar, taught by Marc Harris, ND, MD, PhD, PhD, PhD.



Marc Harris, ND, ND, PhD, PhD, PhD
and John Brimhall, DC, FIAMA, DIBAK Present
Marc Harris, ND, ND, PhD, PhD, PhD
Stem Cell Seminars Methylation Tour
February 22nd - 24th Gilbert, Arizona February 8-10 - Phoenix, AZ
April 19th - 21st Largo, Florida April 5-7 - Orlando, FL
June 14th - 16th Las Vegas, Nevada May 17-19 - Seattle, WA
September 6th - 8th Garden City, New York September 20-22 - Las Vegas, NV
November 1st - 3rd Parker, Colorado November 15-17 - San Antonio, TX
Times: Friday: 3pm-7pm
Saturday: 9am-6pm
Sunday: 9am-1pm


$1,500.00 Registration Fee per person
$1,250.00 Injections: per Vial if you would like a treatment at the seminar.
Times: Friday: 3pm-7pm
Saturday: 9am-6pm
Sunday: 9am-1pm


$395.00 Registration Fee per person which includes a $100.00 Test Kit, all course materials and hands-on education.
To Register Please Call Jason at: (866) 338-4883

Yours in Health and Wellness,
John W Brimhall, DC, BA, BS, FIAMA, DIBAK
John W Brimhall, DC, BA, BS, FIAMA, DIBAK

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