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A Firm Foundation

Although we focus on healing and treatment, a clinic is still a business. As such, it needs to produce a profit to grow and prosper. Taking care of your family, your staff – and ultimately your patients – is all based on the profitability of your practice.

The Brimhall Wellness program is an outgrowth of one of the most profitable clinics in America, with revenues that gross in excess of a million dollars a year, a waiting list of four months, and all patients pre-paid.

Success Leaves Clues

Creating a profitable practice is simply a matter of following the correct principles and procedures. You can duplicate success when you know the right steps to take.

When you associate with Brimhall Wellness, you will experience increased profits from three key areas: 

    • Increased Patient Flow
    • Additional Services To Offer
    • Superior Practice Management 

Tools of the Trade

With the proper tools and training, acquiring new patients and growing your practice can go on ‘auto-pilot.’ Some of these tools include: 

    • Customized Web Site 
    • Patient Brochures
    • Newsletters
    • Video Presentations

Properly utilized, these tools will increase the number of new patients you’re seeing – in addition to adding to the number of patients that remain loyal to your clinic.

A Well Oiled Machine

When you implement the correct systems and procedures, your practice will practically run itself. Profits are a result of both effectiveness and efficiency. Effectiveness is doing the right things. Efficiency is getting them done with less time, effort, and expense.

When your practice is running smoothly, you can focus your time on the things that are more important to you.

You’re Not Alone

Every winning team needs a coach. Success and profits in your practice can be a direct result of the counsel and advice you’re receiving. With over thirty five years of experience, Brimhall Wellness has the background – and the track record – necessary to act as your success coach.

As your partner in success, Brimhall Wellness will work side by side with you to create the most successful practice imaginable.

Larger Than Life

Your patients are looking for an answer to their health problems. The more services you offer, the more likely it is that you will give them what they need. The Brimhall Six Steps to Wellness will provide you with the tools and methodology you need to address your patients’ concerns.

Your practice will grow because it will appeal to more people and give them access to something that they cannot find at just any chiropractic clinic.

Nourish Your Business

The Brimhall Wellness Six Steps to Wellness™ offers you one of the most unique, comprehensive, effective healing programs available. Your patients will not only feel much more healthy, they will also view your practice as being something special – something they can’t find just anywhere.