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Having a website punctuates your legitimacy as a professional. It educates both current and future patients. Educated patients expect more and are more willing to commit to receiving more services. A website is the foundation of a clinic's marketing. 

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The Brimhall Interactive Website ($85 a month) - is a user-enabled plan for the practitioner who empowers him or herself to interact with their patients and dips into creation with their own hands. The  Brimhall Interactive Website includes:
  • Website Color Choices and Banner Customization. Red, orange, blue, and the list goes on. We can integrate your existing logo into the Banner (the large image across the top of website) so it shines loudly. Cozy-up your website to look like your online home, with feel that is, well… you. 
  • Unlimited Website Support. Many web providers charge thousands for a website and then clock you with exorbitant service fees when you want to make changes. We believe your clinic changes and we want to change with you. Assistance with changes to your website are free and unlimited and only an email or phone call way. 
  • The Six Steps to Wellness Educational Material. Your online wellness library that doesn’t just tell, it shows.
  • Clinic Map. See satellite images of your clinic and get directions from your home. Yes, you can see your house from here.
  • Hosting. We store and manage your online website files so you don’t have to busy yourself about the technical stuff.
  • Free Domain Name. We give you your free domain name (ex: for one year. We help you find a domain name that is search engine friendly, available, relevant to your clinic, and easy to remember.
  • 5 Custom Email Accounts. Tired of having the email extension or Professionally enhance your clinic by having your own customized email addresses, for example: [email protected].
  • The 3D Spine Simulator. Show your patients how their subluxation is impeding their health and how your care is correcting it.
  • Newsletters. Interact with your patients by sending them a newsletter through your Brimhallsite anytime, anywhere.
  • Online Calendar. Distinguish important dates.  Announce office activities or schedule repeat events for upcoming months.
  • Editable Content. Make changes without delay and see results instantly. Edit your online content (images and text) personally, through a user-friendly interface, without outside support.
  •  Google™ Analytics Integration - for sophisticated website user statistics
  • SEO Optimization - Our websites have advanced systems in place to help your website rank well and get its fair share of prospective patients.


Add on Features for only $10 Extra Per month 

  • iCard - Make your patients smile with personalized iCards.  Choose from a library of over 400 electronic cards in 30 categories including appointment reminders, holiday, birthday, and special event cards.
  • iBlog - You can interact with your web visitors easily with iBlog. Post text or media and receive message posts and keyword-rich feedback at any time.
  • iExercise - Prescribe exercises to patients via email. Over 100 3D animated exercises with audio instructions are included with your website.
  • iStore - Sell products and supplements on your website! This advanced tool adds an online store with full shopping cart abilities to your website. Patients and other visitors can buy items from your online store and have them shipped to any location. Make money around the clock as people from any location order your products.
  • iForm - Web based form builder. It allows non-technical users the ability to create rich, content-capturing web forms directly from iControl. No HTML knowledge needed!

Our goal is to make online marketing both affordable and effective for your clinic, enabling you to penetrate prospective patient niches that have previously been neglected. We’re anxious to become an extension of your office, wherein your success is our success in the shared goal to bring wellness to the world.

Please contact us with any immediate inquiries at (866) 338-4883 or [email protected].


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