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March 25, 2019 - Change Your ORGANS, Change Your HEALTH

Change Your ORGANS, Change Your HEALTH

March 25, 2019 Puzzle Piece

Your organs dictate your health.  The liver alone has over 5,000 functions.  Dr Harper wrote a book many years ago titled “Anything Can Cause Anything”.

Most patients come to us because they have pain or other symptoms.  What they do not know is where the pain or symptoms are really coming from.  Neither do we, unless you test to find and correct the causes and not chase the symptoms. We can use muscle response testing, blood tests, urine, EAV, (electro dermal testing), etc.
Let’s look at just one organ/system to start with.  Look at the symptom picture below and tell me which system needs to be addressed to correct the interferences.  This one system can trigger or be the root cause of many of today’s most devastating diseases.

What organ system could underly these problems?

•    Excessive fatigue1
•    Chronic pain2
•    Depression and anxiety3
•    Heart disease4
•    Autoimmune diseases like MS or Crohn's5
•    Brain fog and memory loss6
•    Diabetes7
•    Arthritis and joint pain8

That is correct, the gut can be an underlying issue in each of these symptomatic expressions.

Like Hippocrates himself said more than 2,000 years ago... All disease starts in the gut. I know you have heard that saying but probably thought it was colon therapists that coined the phrase.  They have certainly repeated it through the years, but it was Hippocrates himself that made the statement so often quoted.

The gut plays a critical role in your overall health. It’s a major part of your body’s ecosystem and up to 80-90% of your immune system. It is the home to many trillions of bacteria that make up your “microbiome.”

The microbiome affects every organ, system and cell in your body. Some of these gut contents are good guys.  Some of the good guys boost your immune system. Others help you digest your food and some turn into or produce vitamins and other helpful nutrients. Some are bad guys causing dis-ease, dysfunction and infection.

The secret to vibrant health is having enough good microbes to crowd out the bad ones and to assist with good nutrition and nutraceuticals to reduce or eliminate the bad guys. When the “bad bacteria”, yeast, fungus, mold, biofilm, parasites, etc. crowd out the “good bacteria” you see an increase in dis-ease, diseases and aging. You can develop leaky gut, polyps, cancer, hormone deficiencies, autoimmune conditions, fatigue, brain fog, arthritis, depression and a many other conditions and diagnoses.    

Studies show that an imbalance in your intestinal bacteria can cause chronic inflammation throughout your body.  Inflammation has shown to be at the root of most diagnosed diseases.

It seems our Primal ancestors never had to deal with many of these conditions. Research and investigation indicate our ancestors had intestines with a strong constitution and good bacteria. Today’s toxic world is dangerous to your gut and all organs and systems. All the indiscriminate use of antibiotics has killed off many of our good bacteria and created antibiotic resistant strains of infective agents.

Our modern diet of processed foods has all but destroyed this vital organ and others. All those carbs, starches and sugars feed bad bacteria and yeasts in the gut. Common food additives further compromise the integrity of your intestinal walls (Leaky Gut) and allow the bad bacteria to leak into your bloodstream. This damages your immune system and triggers an inflammatory and autoimmune responses.

Modern medicine is finally beginning to understand the link between gut bacteria and inflammation. In a recent study, researchers transferred “bad” gut bacteria from sick mice to germ-free mice. Within days, the healthy mice all displayed symptoms of severe inflammation.9

In a separate study, German researchers analyzed the gut bacteria in healthy people and patients with heart disease. They found that the heart failure patients were missing important groups of bacteria that fight inflammation. Their gut flora was not as diverse as in healthy people.10

Along with our toxic Western diet, antibiotics, stress, excess alcohol, chlorine, fluorine, bromine, mercury and other toxins, we are destroying the good gut bacteria and allow bad ones to thrive.  In my practice I use Opti-GI to help the gut to heal and give Optimal Flora liberally to reestablish the good bacteria.  I personally use both formulas daily as a preventative.
I cannot think of any person in the modern world that should go a day without supplementing with Optimal Flora and Optimal 1 Digestion for proper prebiotics, probiotics and digestive enzymes.  One should consider Opti Enviro and Opti Metals Detox homeopathic formulas, as well, to reduce the toxic burden.

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