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March 11, 2019 - Would YOU listen To EINSTEIN If He Were Alive Today?

Would YOU listen To EINSTEIN If He Were Alive Today?

March 11, 2019 Puzzle Piece

It is an exciting time to be in healthcareEach year the research increases that proves natural care is a viable option to drugs and surgery.  It is paramount all professions work together to help suffering humanity.  There is no shortage of people needing help of all ages. 

In utilizing the 6 Interferences that cause dis-ease and dysfunction and the 6 Steps for correction, we can help many patients that have not had help and many that have lost hope.  Each of the 6 Steps is equally important and necessary in evaluation and treatment: Structure, Nutrition, Electromagnetics, Emotions, Allergies/Sensitivities and Toxins.  If the patient is not responding or getting worse, we are missing one or more of the 6 steps.  Or they are getting the wrong signals and expressing inadequate actions by the body.  This could be because of genetic faulty programming.


Marc Harris, ND, MD, PhD3 is a genius in our time.  I have had the pleasure of knowing him as my student for over 20 years.  Now he teaches me and YOU, if you have any idea of all he has to offer.  Would you listen to Einstein if he were alive today?  The “Einstein of Health Care”, is alive and well.  He teaches monthly seminars across the United States on methylation and genetic SNP’s.  He also teaches  a separate seminar on how to increase our own stem cells through specific nutrition, fasting and by injection (if you or an associate in your office has license to do so).

We are already planning Homecoming 2020 in Tempe, Arizona on January 17-19.  Dr Harris will share more research on how to get improvement on degenerative diseases, daily health concerns and genetic problems, including SNP’s and changing epigenetic expression through very specific nutritional formulations.  Dr Harris has the ability to read the literature in three languages and have it recorded verbatim in his memory.  This allows him to give us any changes that may be needed to existing formulations and to create any additional formulations or single nutrients in more effective forms and dosages to get maximum results.

These incredible gifts and talents give him the ability to improve any product that has new research indicating change is needed.  Some of the formulations he sees on the market are in non-usable forms or completely inadequate dosages to get a therapeutic effect.  For instance a company just released a new energy product Dr Harris evaluated and compared with the literature.  He states it contains CoQ10 (wrong form) vitamin E succinate (wrong form) and broccolii powder tops (useless without myrosinase).  Another product seen recently released has Ribose containing 700mg.  It would take 8 to be a therapeutic dosage.  The suggested dosage on the bottle is 1.  At the effective dosage it would take 8.  This would cost about $150.00 per month at their suggested pricing.

All OHS products contain the correct form of CoQ10, Vitamin E and Ribose.  Dr. Harris has formulated for OHS a powdered Ribose that is extremely efficient, and cost effective.
  To get improvement on the damage caused by gene SNP’s, the forms and amounts of nutraceuticals used are critical.  There must be the right ingredients in the correct form and the right amounts to get the desired epigenetic expression for health.  Call OHS (800-890-4547)

Please take advantage of Dr. Harris' Methylation Seminars to get the correct information and adequate nutrition to assist your patients to a greater level.  I now test every patient I see with Dr Harris’s genetic test kit and give the appropriate nutrition and treatment suggested.  (For you to understand adequate nutrition, it's a must for you to attend one of Dr. Harris' Seminars.)

There is so much interest on fasting in the research/literature with patients and Doctors. Dr Harris will do an entire presentation on FASTING at Homecoming 2020.  He has been studying and practicing fasting for over 30 years.

We will get Dr Harris to schedule a webinar on fasting and Ketosis in the next few months.  Dr Harris does intermittent fasting every week and does two 14-day water fasts each year.  He also is an expert on Ketosis and keeps himself in that state most of the time.

It is a joy to work and lecture with Dr Harris.  Yes, there is a genius among us.

Marc Harris, ND, ND, PhD, PhD, PhD
and John Brimhall, DC, FIAMA, DIBAK Present
Marc Harris, ND, ND, PhD, PhD, PhD
Stem Cell Seminars Methylation Tour
May 3rd - 5th Largo, Florida April 5-7 - Orlando, FL
June 14th - 16th Parker, Colorado May 17-19 - Seattle, WA
September 6th - 8th Garden City, New York September 20-22 - Las Vegas, NV
November 1st - 3rd Las Vegas, Nevada November 15-17 - San Antonio, TX
Times: Friday: 3pm-7pm
Saturday: 9am-6pm
Sunday: 9am-1pm


$1,500.00 Registration Fee per person
$1,250.00 Injections: per Vial if you would like a treatment at the seminar.
Times: Friday: 3pm-7pm
Saturday: 9am-6pm
Sunday: 9am-1pm


$395.00 Registration Fee per person which includes a $100.00 Test Kit, all course materials and hands-on education.
To Register Please Call Jason at: (866) 338-4883

Yours in Health and Wellness,

John W Brimhall, DC, BA, BS, FIAMA, DIBAK

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