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May 2, 2016 Puzzle Piece - ARE YOU LIVING A LIFE OF VALUE?

May 2, 2016 Puzzle Piece

A preacher asked a young man how he liked the sermon one Sunday. 
He answered, “It was one of the best talks I have ever heard. It interrupted my trend of thought three times!”
That is what the Puzzle Pieces are about, as well as the seminars we teach and going to church.  Expressed words of truth and light reach inside us and motivate us to take action to serve our God by serving others more fully.
Jim Rohn said to live a Life of Value, develops a new discipline of observing rather than ignoring, of doing rather than neglecting.
I love to read Jim Rohn’s works and words. He said the major reasons people are not doing well is because they keep trying to get through the day. He further stated a more worthy challenge is to try to get from the day.
An automobile injury and later incapacitation led me to my first Chiropractic adjustment and my own personal miracle.  My life and practice in health care has given me the insight that a good way to live a healthy productive life is to get a chronic illness and learn how to heal and take good care of the healing.
It is critical we observe and ponder what our body and our surroundings are telling us.  We must be alert, awake and full of gratitude.  We must listen not only to the loud and clear messages, but also to the subtle and quiet hints of the day.  It is important we listen to the messages and let them penetrate us for a better understanding that reaches in and touches the soul.
Observation, creations and inventions happen to ordinary people by ordinary, insignificant events being seen with new understanding and with new eyes that give vision above ordinary eyesight.  Paying attention and being open to opportunity gives us new and profound results.  Which means, we must be paying attention and adjusting our compass to go toward truth and light?  It not enough to move away from pain, which is said to be the greatest human motivator, but recognize how to move toward success and happiness.
We have to be open to new opportunity in our lives and move toward the light.  If we fail to see, we fail to do and therefore we fail to achieve.  It is easy to stay in our comfort zone and miss what the universe is telling us and has in store for us with this new discovery and accomplishment.
We must become good observers, knowledgeable and prayerful evaluators of all that is going on around us. All events in the Universe affect us.  Life is like a grindstone.  Whether the pressures of life turn us into a diamond or grind us down to sand is up to us.
We practitioners and doctors have chosen a path, in one form or another, of facilitating healing.  I cannot imagine a better way to be spending our lives.  It is said that success breeds success.  On the mirror of that image is that errors in judgment affect our self-confidence and lead to self-doubt and defeat, if we allow that to happen.    
 All events of our lives affect us.  All events leave an imprint on us and create what we are and will become. Our philosophy about these activities and our attitude about hard work will affect the quality of our lives and the lives around us.
In any occasion we choose to do less than we could, this error in judgment has an effect on our self-confidence and self-worth. If repeated day by day, we soon find ourselves not only doing less than we could and should, but also being less than we could and should.
Our actions and habits have an accumulative effect for good or bad results.  The great part is if we find ourselves in reverse, we can change gears and go forward - starting today, right now at this very moment of time.
March marked the beginning of my 45th year of practice.  These many years have taught me there are Six Interferences that rob us of our health and wellness.  There are SIX STEPS TO WELLNESS that correct each of the interferences.  The more you apply the corrections to structure, nutrition, electromagnetic pollution, emotional stress, toxic accumulation and allergies/sensitivities in our lives and our practices, the more success and happiness we will achieve.
Jim Rohn also said, “It is how we feel about ourselves that provides the greatest reward from any activity. It is not what we get that makes us valuable; it is what we become in the process of doing that brings value into our lives”.
We are human beings and not human doings.  In case you are not aware of that statement, we sometimes have such a TO DO list; we forget we forget to just BE sometimes.  Yet, we must be doing to get anything done.  So once again, we must seek balance (yin & yang) to achieve health and wellness.  Let us be in service of our fellow beings by serving a higher source with our chosen professions!
We have the best and most complete techniques in the Six Steps to Wellness and we have the best nutrition in OHS, with whole food, predigested formulas that are balanced in the synergistic whole person concept.
Thanks for sharing your life with us on this journey!

John W. Brimhall, BA, BS, DC, FIAMA, DIBAK

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