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May 16, 2016 Puzzle Piece - What's Necessary for Building Muscles in the Body?

 What's Necessary for Building Muscles in the Body?
May 16, 2016 Puzzle Piece    
Question from one of our docs:
What's necessary for building muscles in the body?
Some people can workout forever & never gain muscle, but others can workout and have no issues with gaining muscle....
Can you explain this and what nutrition is necessary to help promote muscle growth?
Doug Grant's Answer:
There is a simple answer and product recommendation that includes patents that we have.  There is also a more extensive answer involving adrenals and other organs that, if not balanced could stop muscle growth and create atrophy.  Dr. John recommends using the Six Steps To Wellness for Evaluation and Treatment.  Opti-Adrenal is the number one consideration, along with the OHS Probiotics and Digestion Enzymes.  Other considerations are Opti-Iodine, Opti-Thyroid, and Optimal Liver/Kidney...etc.
Building muscle involves providing the right nutrients and environment within the body to be “anabolic”.  Being in an anabolic state means the body has the right nutrients for muscle growth.  When you don’t have the right nutrient combination, you become catabolic, which is a state where the body eats itself.
As we age, the body's ability to remain anabolic becomes compromised due to lifestyle choices and sometimes genetic factors.  People that maintain a healthy diet and put sufficient stress on their muscles through resistance training remain anabolic and build or sustain muscle easier.  People who consume highly acidic foods, carbonated drinks and excess alcohol become more catabolic and lose muscle.  It is also harder to gain muscle back or rebuild it when catabolic.
Research has proven that very specific nutrients in identified forms are necessary to remain anabolic and support muscle growth.  If the diet is decent, supplementing with these nutrients in combination with a good resistance exercise program 2-3 times a week will allow the creation of as much muscle as wanted at any age.
We performed many studies on this subject and completed a double blind study  that yielded a specific nutrient combination  that was shown to create an anabolic state greater than the group that took steroids.   From this patent, we created the product “Muscle Rx”.

It contains specific forms of the main nutrients needed for muscle growth including Creatine, Branch Chain Amino Acids, Glutamine and others.  The key is that each one of these nutrients are patented individually for absorption.  Because they were utilized so well at the cellular level, we received a patent on the whole formula.  Muscle RX demonstrated that taking it can enhance spine strengthening, calorie burning, and body shaping muscle.

The patent number is 5,888,553.  You can google it to see the details behind this amazing breakthrough.  Many doctors use this formula for patients with sarcopenia (age related muscle loss), while others use it to help patients build muscle to support the spine.  Some actually utilize it to help patients build solid powerful muscle for shape and increased sports performance.
No matter what the application, Muscle Rx is the answer along with proper diet and exercise to build and sustain strong, lean muscle.
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John W. Brimhall, BA, BS, DC, FIAMA, DIBAK
Doug Grant, Trainer, Formulator and Patent Holder (OHS)

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