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May 23, 2016 Puzzle Piece - Non Compliance can cost you $ THOUSANDS!

Non Compliance can cost you $ THOUSANDS!
May 23, 2016 Puzzle Piece
by Brandy Brimhall CPC, CMCO, CCCPC, CPCO, CPM    
Your Reasons to Delay Compliance Implementation are GONE!
Healthcare compliance has been a hot topic in recent years and continues to become more urgent due to the increase in enforcement efforts, audits, and various types of investigations.  Like most of you probably tell your patients, "It’s less expensive and easier to prevent or maintain your health vs wait until the condition(s) have worsened and then have the stress and expense of working to repair it."  Well, the same general rule of thumb applies with compliance.  Practices can prevent errors, minimize the risk of audits, recoupment, denials, and many types of investigations (HIPAA, OSHA, Fraud, Abuse, etc) just simply by making a good faith effort to understand and implement the compliance guidelines into your practice. 
In truth, there is no longer "under the radar" or "off the grid," like some hope to accomplish.  We no longer have the "if" an issue occurs, but rather "when" it does.  Yes, this even applies to cash practices as many state organizations are actively investigating reports or complaints from patients, workforce members and peers.  Compliance helps all practices (including cash only practices) to address important guidelines such as advertising, payment guidelines, hardship, discounting, and much more.  Simply put, compliance plan implementation serves as the foundation to your practice, much like a blueprint to a building. 
Advancements in technology, enforcement of billing and documentation guidelines, and increasing risks to protected information must all be appropriately managed in the daily operations of health care facilities.  While most practices understand the necessity of appropriately implementing policies and procedures to minimize risk and adhere to guidelines, practices have struggled to properly implement these guidelines due to:
1.  Time available
2.  Expense to learn and incorporate compliance guidelines
3.  Uncertainty of where to learn the need-to-know information, access to the materials needed, and/or training and implementation support.  While bits and pieces of compliance guidelines can be found in many places, it is difficult to find all the information you need in one place.  This leaves many practices with incomplete compliance programs and thus a heightened risk of audits/investigations of various types, penalties and cash flow reduction, and more.  
Like most practices, yours may face one or more of those aforementioned obstacles.  With that in mind, we would like to introduce to you, Chiropractic Compliance Solutions ().  This organization has an excellent track record in compliance training and has recently updated all of their training programs to be even more helpful, easier to time manage, and more affordable to practices.

Chiropractic Compliance Solutions (CCS) also offers auditing and compliance related programs and services that are in high demand for health care practices.  Just a couple of these valuable services/programs include:
Online Compliance Training:
Module based online training that allows you to work at your own pace!  Module lessons are under 30 minutes to allow ease of time management and implementation.  Modules come complete with action steps, editable policy and procedure samples, as well as the forms necessary for each lesson.  All this and more is available to practices including HelpDesk support with CCS professionals.
Security Risk Assessment Tool:
Per the HIPAA Security requirements, as well as Meaningful Use requirements, practices must perform a Security Risk at a minimum of once per year.  This very easy to navigate tool provides mini lessons for training and understanding each topic, policy and procedure templates, necessary forms, help desk support, reporting mechanism for compliance records and accountability, and more.    

So don't wait any longer to make compliance a priority to your practice.  You have excellent resources available to aid your practice in meeting these guidelines and minimizing your risk of many types of obstacles and penalties!

Brandy Brimhall CPC, CMCO, CCCPC, CPCO, CPMA
John W. Brimhall, BA, BS, DC, FIAMA, DIBAK

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