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March 22, 2021 - Imagine Getting Results with Most Patients and Having a $Million Practice


March 22, 2021 Puzzle Piece

Imagine Getting Results with Most Patients and Having a $Million Practice

This month marks my 50th year in practice and my 74th birthday.  So, what is on my mind?  Retirement?  No!  How to get even better results with patients is my quest.  While I now start the day with Opti-Adrenal, Opti-Brain, Essential DAK1,2 and Opti-Mitochondria, along with Optimal Digestion with each meal and Opti-Methyl B a couple times a day, the rest of the day is treating, reading, writing and pondering the current literature and the problems facing Health Care. 


You asked do I read all the literature?  Not all, I listen to Dr Marc Harris for that.  He too has been in practice 50 years but keeps up on the literature in English, German and Russian.  He speaks 7 languages as well and has an incredible gift where he doesn’t forget anything.

It seems the trend is to hire the young and retire the old.  However, I have seen that experience is a major teacher and should be shared.  Dr Marc and I have spent our life treating and teaching.  I am with my 10-year-old twins this week and enjoying the quickness of their minds, the depths of their spiritual enlightenment and the skills on smart phones and computers.  I also see the wonderful exchange we are having with me sharing the years of experience I have in assisting them on their journeys.

In the 90’s I meet a Chiropractor that said he could not imagine what it would be like to get results on almost every patient like I did.  He said I adjust my patients, some get better, and some don’t.  This concept was/is off my ability of understanding.  How can we be happy with mediocre results when we are talking about people’s health, wellness and their very lives? 

This is how the Six Steps to Wellness was born.  Some patients got miracles with adjusting the spine, some with adjusting extremities, some with AK, some with acupuncture, some with nutritional supplements and dietary changes, some with craniosacral or visceral manipulation, etc. We created a system of evaluating and treating structure, electromagnetics, nutrition, allergies/sensitivities, toxins and emotions.  This combination increased our results, referrals, satisfaction and income.  Our patients did our advertising and yielded 50-70 new patients per month from many parts of the world.  That added up to over a million dollars per year.  This can happen for you with the right ingredients.

When I started the seminar, “How to Clone a Million Dollar Practice”, some said they did not come at first because they just thought it was just about making money and some said they did come because they needed to know how to help patients more and increase their income.

Intention is more important than technique.  Our intention needs to be loving, kind, knowledgeable, interested and intelligible in helping mankind.  We are serving God by serving our fellow men/women.  When we serve with pure intent, money flows automatically.  You also need to follow the rules of billing, collections, proper office procedures and keeping yourself and staff trained.  The twin’s mother, Brandy Brimhall (719-349-0220) can help you in that arena.

This never-ending quest of how to help patients more, has me daily involved with doctors, patients and those seeking advice about themselves and loved ones.  The complications of today’s patients and present world conditions has led us to more exacting techniques, advanced Non-GMO, predigested nutritional’s and even Biological Allographs, plus other injections, if needed, to increase our own stem cells as taught by Marc Harris, MD, ND, PhD.

Come and join Dr Marc, Doug Grant, myself and many of our co-teachers this year in our Optimal Health Systems seminars and webinars.  Call my office at 480-964-5198 or OHS’s office at 800-890-4547 to get a full schedule.

Don’t wait too much longer, my father and his father passed away at 90.  I may not have too many more years to share…

Yours in Health and Wellness,
John W Brimhall, DC, BA, BS, FIAMA, DIBAK

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