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January 14, 2019 - Homecoming 2019 INSIGHTS, A Case History and Special Offers

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January 14, 2019 Puzzle Piece

Homecoming 2019 INSIGHTS, A Case History and Special Offers


It would be very hard to put the experience of Homecoming 2019, for the participants, into words.  We had doctors and offices fill out surveys of the journey they experienced. Their feelings are easier to state than words, which were Exhilaration, Love, Appreciation, a Knowing that You Know, Hope, Improved Techniques, Eliminate Worries, Increase Well Being and Prosperity.

Below we will share some testimonies and results of the survey.

Case History:  D.C., one of the persons that attended, with his Doctor Mother, was a 28-year-old lineman for APS.  He was sent by his company to Puerto Rico to help put power back into operation after the hurricane.  He was forced to take inoculations for Yellow Fever-Dengue (live virus) and Hepatitis.  Within a couple weeks, his life as he knew it, crashed with fatigue, GI difficulties, neurological symptoms, tachycardia, shortness of breath and an inability to do exercise.  Before the shots, he was a specimen of health and wellness. 

He had been under Chiropractic care from his DC Mother and DC Aunt since birth.  He had the best of HEALTH CARE until he was forced to disease care.  Multiple examinations and tests by various specialists, demonstrated a 55% decrease of his heart ejection fraction, arrythmias, pulse rate as low as 40 and up to 200.  They now have him on beta blockers.  They are going to do a heart MRI to see the extent of the scar tissue in the heart.

One of his coworkers had the shots too, who accompanied him to Puerto Rico.  The other worker has not been the same since the inoculations either but exhibits a different symptom picture.

D.C. and his mother asked us to evaluate and do all 6 Steps to Wellness on him over the 4 days, which we did.  He made improvement each day.  He was nutrient tested and put on Opti-Adrenal, Opti-Iodine, Opti-Thyroid, Opti-Heart, Opti-GI, Opti-Immune VRL, Dr Harris’s Organic Chelated Magnesium, Resveratrol and Ubiquinol.

He was tested on the Qi5, a computerized EAV (Electro Acupuncture Voll), which tests the electronic signature of stressors, mediators and triggers, including inoculations, emotional, infective, toxic, allergy, sensitivity and structural interferences.  He was treated to help restore normal physiology with the Qi5 and laser.  He was given homeopathic support and Opti-MagnaSTEM.  He was also given a Biological Allograph injection to increase his own natural Stem Cells.  He was adjusted, received percussor treatment, craniosacral and visceral adjustments.

[A side note here is Dr Harris is a ND, as well as a MD, and has three PhD’s, who teaches Stem Cell and Methylation Classes throughout the US.  At the seminar we had MD’s there from Michigan, the Caribbean, Florida etc.  We had ND’s, PT’s, DC’s, PA’s and Nurse Practitioners that attend the Stem Cell classes, the methylation seminars and HC. 2019.  A few states license DC’s to do injections, including Idaho, where Dr Dennis Harper practices and was on the program.  Dr Brett and many other DC’s do injections in their office with a Nurse Practitioner, or Physician Assistant being on staff.]

The patient, D.C. made definite progress during the seminar and gained a very hopeful prospective for recovery through the treatment of all 6 Steps.  His energy increased and a feeling of hope and of wellbeing was noted.  We will follow this case and report to you over the next few months.

I have had previous cases that were on a heart transplant list, who were able to cancel the need following the entire 6 Step Protocol.  That is our desire and prayers for D.C.  Infections or inoculations gone wrong, can cause the heart to be attacked, causing the loss of normal function.
Here are just a few of the many testimonials of those who attended the life changing event Homecoming 2019 on Biohacking.

James Hayes, MD Testimonial

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Marc Harris, ND and John Brimhall, DC, Fiama, DIBAK Present
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Yours in Health and Wellness,
John W Brimhall, DC, BA, BS, FIAMA, DIBAK

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