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January 7, 2019 - OHS & Dr Brimhall released Opti-GI, Opti-Heart & Opti-Lung at HC 2019

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January 7, 2019 Puzzle Piece
OHS & Dr Brimhall released Opti-GI, Opti-Heart & Opti-Lung at HC 2019

Opti-GI, Opti-Heart and Opti-Lung were all three released at Homecoming 2019 with incredible acceptance. 


The new and very much expanded OHS facility in Arizona is now completed and opened up to serve you at a much greater capacity.


Homecoming 2019 was such a huge success it is very hard to put into words.  We will certainly be put it into action in doctors offices around the world.


We also have available the main speakers and Dr Harris’s GENETIC WORKSHOP recorded and available through Brimhall Health Path Products & Seminars at 480-964-5198.


Today we will highlight Opti-GI and follow up with much of the other insights, covered at the seminar, over the next few months.

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We know the gut is the second brain and is the home of 80-90% of our immune system.  Opti-GI is an amazing support to function and our overall health and wellness.


Please review the attachments and feel free to use them in educating you, your staff and patients.
Opti-GI.pptx and Opti-GI Flyer.pdf


Make a note of the Methylation Seminars that Marc Harris, MD, ND, PhD is doing through 2019.


Dr Marc Harris and Dr John Brimhall also have five Seminars schooled on How to Increase Your Stem Cells through Biological Allographs and Opti-MagnaSTEM nutrition.


Many other techniques and systems of therapy are taught at these 3-day seminars.

Marc Harris, ND and John Brimhall, DC, Fiama, DIBAK Present
  • Upcoming 2019 Stem Cell Seminar Dates
  • February        22nd - 24th     Gilbert, Arizona
  • April               19th - 21st       Largo, Florida
  • June               14th - 16th      Las Vegas, Nevada
  • September      6th - 8th        TBD
  • November       1st - 3rd         Parker, Colorado
  • Times:  Friday: 3pm-7pm
                 Saturday: 9am-6pm
                 Sunday: 9am-1pm
    $1,500.00 Registration Fee per person
    $1,250.00 Injections: per Vial if you would like a treatment at the seminar.

Yours in Health and Wellness,
John W Brimhall, DC, BA, BS, FIAMA, DIBAK

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