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August 13, 2018 - Homecoming Speakers Dr Marc Harris and Dr Dennis Harper on Increasing Stem Cells/Health


Homecoming Speakers Dr Marc Harris and Dr Dennis Harper on Increasing Stem Cells/Health

August 13, 2018 Puzzle Piece

Stem cells are very important to our health and wellness, besides our very survival. Without any stem cells, we would be dead within two hours researchers state.  I have formulated a totally natural nutriceutical called Opti-MagnaSTEM. It, like all the OHS nutrition, is Pre-digested with plant enzymes to allow up to 300% better absorption and usability by the body. 


Stem cells are the anti-aging cells in the body.  Utilize the Opti-MagnaSTEM for your practice and patients benefit.  This should be a very important consideration for yourself and many of your patients. 

I have seen in 47 years of practice, the more people we help, the more that need help.  Your referrals become more complicated all the time. Because dysfunction can lead to very serious conditions, we need to optimize function by all natural means that are possible for the patient.  Therefore, we have added injections of Biological Allographs (BA’s).  These are derived from the umbilical cords of healthy C Section babies.  These are natural and give the body the best natural constituents for health, healing and repair.

Many Chiropractic offices are now using axillary personal e.g. Nurse Practitioners for Biological Allograph Injections to increase the body’s own production of Stem Cells, along with the Opti-MagnaSTEM nutrition.  By improving function, many conditions such as pain, joint degeneration, nervous system disorders, ED and other male/female disorders, along with many chronic conditions improve.

Marc Harris, ND. Dennis Harper, DC and I are teaching integrating your practice in seminars around the county and at Homecoming 2019.  If you are a DC, you can utilize allied professionals to expand into PRP, Biological Allografts, ozone and Prolozone etc. This work is complimentary to the Six Steps to Wellness and gives the best anti-aging I have ever witnessed.

Both Dr Harris and Dr Harper are speaking at Homecoming, along with Dr Brett Brimhall and myself on integrating your practice.  We also have seminars scheduled throughout this year on these incredible techniques and supporting OHS Nutrition.  Dr Harris is also teaching Methylation Seminars and is doing a Methylation Workshop at Homecoming 2019.

Drs Harris and Harper have used these adjuncts for many years to speed up the healing of sports injuries, ED, aching joints, joint degeneration, disc herniation, chronic pain and surgical wounds, etc.  

Let’s give an example of PRP by explaining ED care.  Over one third of men and women suffer from sexual dysfunction. Everything from complete erectile dysfunction and vaginal dryness to pain and low libido respond successfully to treatment.

Women are often prescribed an antidepressant or maybe a "female Viagra”, or both. As always, both types of drugs have many side effects, such as increased risk for heart attack and stroke.

PRP is a simple treatment. It starts with a small amount of blood drawn from your arm. The blood is run through a centrifuge to separate out plasma with a high concentration of platelets.

This platelet-rich plasma is also rich in powerful proteins called growth factors. Many times, Dr Harris and Dr Harper also add the Biological Allografts.  To repeat they are teaching the use of these techniques across the country.  Please contact Jason at Dr Brimhall’s Health Path Products Office for more information and a schedule of the seminars at 480-964-5198.

When PRP is injected into an injured area, growth factors promote healing. They regenerate injured tissue.  These growth factors also get to the root cause of many forms of sexual problems by increasing blood flow.

PRP increases blood flow wherever it's applied. When PRP is injected into tissues, it activates the growth of new blood vessels from existing and damaged blood vessel tissue. That can increase blood flow.1

A recent pilot study shows that injections of PRP are safe and effective for improving male and female sexual function. It found that 71% of women3 had:

  • enhanced sensitivity
  • greater arousal
  • increased desire
  • less pain during sex
  • improved orgasm.

A new product was formulated this year by Doug Grant, Dr Harris and I called Opti-B.F.F.  If you missed the webinar on this product, call Jason 480-964-5198 or OHS and get it emailed to you.  The nutrient combination gives a nitric oxide boost, increases methylation, increases anabolism and energy.  We utilize OHS nutrition in all the patients we treat to balance and help improve function.  The Optimal Opti-Nitric is especially helpful in circulation and male/female function.

Opti-Adrenal is given to reduce the effects of stress. Opti-Iodine and Opti-thyroid to balance metabolism are used in conjunction with other therapies. 

Optimal Fat-Sugar-Trim is a wonderful support for blood sugar and balanced weight.  The Optimal Fruit and Veggies has 9 Structure, Function claims allowed by the FDA.

Be sure and register for Homecoming 2019!  It is early this next year with treating and re-certification beginning Thursday night January 3 at 6 pm, and the seminar January 4-6, 2019.

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Yours in Health and Wellness,

John Brimhall, DC, BA, BS, DIBAK, FIAMA

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