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Methylation Seminars


Methylation 1 Series Seminar

March 26-28 | Phildelphia, PA

During this 3-day seminar, you will learn and be certified in methylation and genetic SNPs from 3x PhD, Dr. Marc Harris. You will learn how to test for different genetic SNPs with free testing kit provided to you, and the exact protocols, including nutrition, to be used to immediately remedy those deficiencies.

Dr. Marc Harris 


Dr. Marc Harris, ND, MD, PHD³, gives an overview of SNPs and how, in three days, he can teach you to tap into methylation testing and finally turn the health around in patients who can’t seem to make any progress.

In his seminars you will learn all about methylation, how to test for different genetic deficiencies through a kit provided to you, and the exact protocols, including nutrition to be used to immediately fix those issues.

These are the most cutting-edge seminar available that gives you tremendous clinical knowledge about methylation.

Methylation 2

June 4-6 | Dallas, TX

(Prerequisite: Methylation 1 Certification)

Methylation Series 2 is a brand new continuation certification seminar offered by Dr. Marc Harris for health professionals that have been previously certified in Methylation Series 1 training. You will receive a test kit with 30 new SNPs to test for, along with his nutrient and nutrition recommendations to remedy those genetic SNPs to help your patients move closer to optimal health. 

The Big Conditions

October 15-17 | Nashville, TN

The long-awaited and highly-anticipated Big Conditions seminar (a.k.a. ‘The Big C’ seminar) by Dr. Marc Harris is happening. During this 3-day seminar, you will be taught about major conditions and the nutrition and supplementation protocols that can be used to nutritionally support them.

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