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June 26 2017 Puzzle Piece - Over 500,000 Deaths a Year from Alzheimer’s

Over 500,000 Deaths a Year from Alzheimer’s

June 26, 2017 Puzzle Piece
From the year 2000 until the present time, deaths from Alzheimers has increased over 55%.  It is now being referred to by many as “Diabetes of the Brain”.  The rise of many chronic and degenerative diseases has raised by similar statistics.  I feel the reason for this rise is humans have all Six Interferences going unchecked:
  1. Structural dysfunction and subluxations, including cranial lesions, the fascia and acupuncture systems are part of structure that needs balanced.
  2. Electromagnetic pollution on the extreme rise with computers, cell phones, powerlines etc.
  3. Nutritional deficiencies and inadequacies, with so much junk food, poor diet, eating too many carbohydrates, which yields severe blood sugar problems.
  4. Extreme stress in all areas of our lives and on every front, whether driving the car on freeways, pressures of work, family problems in our homes etc.
  5. Allergies and Sensitivities are affecting almost all of use far more than we know.
  6. Toxic accumulations are in our air, water, food, insecticides, weed sprays and are in all parts of the earth from the North to the South Poles.
Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most serious forms of dementia.  If you have seen this condition progress in a family member or patient, you cannot get it out of your mind. They lose recognition of family members and eventually decrease in all body functions until they die.  With all of the Six Interferences, constantly on the rise, we see Autism, Alzheimers, diabetes, arthritis and every chronic degenerative disease on the rise also as stated above.
At the present rate, Alzheimer’s will affect 1 in 4 Americans within the next 20 years. The Journal of Neurology in 2014 stated Alzheimer’s was the third leading cause of death, behind only heart disease and cancer.  The CDC claims it is the sixth leading cause of death.  Either way, we need to prevent and not have to treat.  That is exactly what the Six Steps to Wellness is all about.

Lets take a look at what we can do.  Insulin resistance is indicated as one of the causes, mediators and triggers.  I follow the Ketogenic Diet both in my own life and in recommendations to patients and family.  Dr Mercola has a new book, Fat For Food.  I highly recommend it.  Dr Hyman has a good book Eat Fat Get ThinOHS has a great blood sugar regulator called Optimal Fat/Sugar/Trim.  The OHS Fruits & Veggies has nine Sturcture- Functure claims stating its effectiveness, which includes assisting in blood sugar regulation.

Other considerations are Opti-Adrenal to help nutralize stress and reduce excess cortisol, which impededs the conversion of T4 to T3 (the active form) of thyroxine.  T4 is the wood and T3 is the fire.  Opti-Iodine is needed daily to supply the adequate dosage of Iodine and Iodide required by the body to form thyroxine and many other needs.
Optimal Longevi-D K2 is needed to supply the correct type and dosage of vitamin D. Vitamin D plays a critical role in brain health, immune function, gene expression and inflammation, which are all involved in Alzheimer’s. Much of the brain tissue contains vitamin D receptors.  When they’re activated by vitamin D, it facilitates nerve growth and repair in the brain.

Adequate sunlight is necessary for overall health and vitamin D formation.  Laser is especially helpful in brain and body function. Red laser at 630-660 and near infrared and infrared are desirable. Photobiomodulation with near-infrared laser has been used to good success according to Michael Hamblin, Ph.D., and Dr. Lew Lim.  Both have published papers on using photobiomodulation to improve Alzheimer’s disease.
Photobiomodulation improves oxygenation to your cells by releasing nitric oxide and is a vasodilator that helps relax your blood vessels, lower your blood pressure and improve vascular health. Additionally, delivering red, e.g. (660 nm) and near infrared light (830 nm) to the mitochondria, promotes synthesis of gene transcription factors that trigger cellular repair.  This is as true in the brain and the body. Call Jason at 480-964-5198 for availability of lasers that fit this description through Health Path Products.  The Quantum has both red and infrared diodes with 80 mw of pure laser.  The LZR7 ZX2 has 6 watts of pure infrared and 100 mw of red. The nutrition for Mitochondria is the OHS (800-890-4547) product Opti-Mito-Force. To increase nitric oxide, the best in the industry may very well be Optimal Opti-Nitric.
Research also shows hidden or evident infections are underlying causes.  Therefore test for Opti-Immune VRL and Optimal Defense.

The Edinburgh University's Alzheimer Scotland Dementia Research Centre has compiled a list of top environmental risk factors from the literature.  As much as one-third of dementia risk is linked to environmental factors such as air pollution, pesticide exposure and living close to power lines.  Test for the nutrition Opti-Enviro Detox, Opti-Metals Detox, Optimal Liver Kidney and Optimal-Cleanse and Repair

Jason also (480-964-5198) carries specialized equipment to minimize the EMFs effect on you personally and in your home and office. Toxic EMFs contribute to Alzheimer’s by poisoning the mitochondria.  The problem includes, but is not limited to power lines, electromagnetic interference from the electric grid and microwave radiation from your cellphone, cellphone towers and Wi-Fi etc.

Dr Marc Harris has had extremely good results using, The Brimhall Protocol and OHS Nutrition in conjunction with Biological Allografts, which increases your own stem cells in numbers and activity.  We have written about this therapy the last two weeks.  We have webinars and seminars on this subject, which includes Integrative Medicine using PRP and Ozone in tandem with the Biological Allografts and OHS nutrition



(3303 E. Baseline Rd. Building 2 -  Suite 204, Gilbert  AZ. 85234) Call Jason at 480-964-5198

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Presented by Dr John Brimhall and Dr Marc Harris ND 


1. Can Chiropractors do Biological Allograft treatment in their practice? YES and Why… 
2. Stem Cell Types 
3. Stem Cell Functions 
4. Is function set by type? 
5. History and the science 
6. Patient experiences 
7. When do you need Biological Allograft treatment? 
8. Are stem cells enough? 
9. Who is the best candidate? 
10. Local or systemic? 
11. How long does it take to work? 
12. What are the financial rewards


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