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June 19 2017 Puzzle Piece - Why NOW do I recommend Stem Cell Activators and Stem Cell Specific Nutrition?

Why NOW do I recommend Stem Cell Activators and Stem Cell Specific Nutrition?

June 19, 2017 Puzzle Piece
This was a doctor’s question after last week’s Puzzle Piece on Stem Cells through Biological Allografts.
We are actually using stem cell activators called Biological Allografts.  These come from the umbilical cords of healthy C Section babies.  ADMINISTRATION of Biological Allografts through IV or Injection are most effective.  They are used to engage the Patient’s own Dormant Stem Cells to cause a Dedifferentiation of their own cells.  This means they help the patient to regenerate and reverse damage and degeneration.
-At birth 1 stem cell will produce 1 billion healthy cells a month (Neil Riordan, PhD)
-By age 60 one stem cell produces 200 Healthy cells a month (Neil Riordan, PhD)
-Activate the body’s own stem cells for regeneration by Biological Allografts
-300 million cells die every minute in the body
-The body rebuilds all the cells in 5 to 7 years, which requires stem cells and is far more effective with the aid of Biological Allografts.  As we get older we heal much more slowly.  If we add BA treatment, we supply a healing rich environment.
I have now been in practice for 47 years and have lived 70 years.  I was personally helped by Chiropractic at age 20, which set the stage for my life’s work.  In fact, I was in college in pre-med studying to be a dentist. I bent over and could not get back up on my own.  I was in severe pain from the waste up and numb from the waist down.  The original problem started two years earlier from a car accident where symptoms were covered up with pain pills and muscle relaxers. 
With one chiropractic adjustment, my world changed.  The Chiropractor that helped me said, “I needed to become a Chiropractor because I owed it to Chiropractic and Humanity to do for others what was done for me.”  I have spent my life doing exactly that and it has been an incredibly rewarding journey. 
One of the chiropractors I talked to before leaving for Palmer College in Davenport, IA was Dr. L H McLellan.  He was in his late 60’s or early 70’s I believe and had been in practice for 30- 40 years.  He had been treated by BJ Palmer and had adjusted BJ himself with upper cervical technique.  He told me then, in 1967, a statement that has stayed with me for over 50 years. 
He said when he first went into practice, all he had to do was adjust people and it seemed they all got better.  In fact, he had all kinds of newspaper clippings and articles of patients and animals he had created miracles for with chiropractic treatment only.  He said very emphatically that when he first went into practice, the adjustment is all he had to do.  Now he said, I have to talk to patients about diet, nutrition, water intake, dinking pop, what kind of exercise to do etc.  He told me I was going to have to educate patients all of my life to get the desired results.  Remember this was in the 60’s.
That has been the exact truth. The longer I am in practice, the tougher the cases get.  That is how we developed the Six Steps to Wellness.  Most patients have Structural, Nutritional, Electromagnetic, Allergy/Sensitivity, Toxic and Emotional Stress.  It is rare, if ever, a patient comes in and only has a subluxation.  They all have subluxations, but what was the cause or causes?  We are under so much stress, toxic pollution, emotional, structural, chemical and environment insults, they cause many negative and degenerative reactions and subluxations. We have to assess each of these potential causes, triggers and mediators.  Think of the named conditions that are now so common, that in Dr McLellan’s rein of the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, were rare.  For instance, we now have so many autoimmune conditions, autism, diabetes, MS, ALS, Alzheimers, Parkinson’s etc.  Of course they were present, but nowhere near to the extent we deal with at this time. Looking at the statistics is very frightening.  Diabetes alone will bankrupt the nation and other nations if we do not treat the causes and not chase the symptoms.
That is why we are now teaching the administration of Biological Allografts, Ozone and PRP techniques in an Integrated Practice approach.  DC’s, ND’s, DO’s. MD’s, NP’s and PA’s can work effectively together to get greater results.  People are so toxic and so sick, we need adjuncts to the adjustment, nutrition, foot baths, laser, Infrared saunas and on and on. 
I saw so many miracles when I first started practice in the 70’s, I was insulted when someone said they were not better in a few adjustments.  Now I make sure I address each of the Six Interferences, with each patient, to give the best chance for maximum improvement.  I lost my wife, Claudette, 9 years ago to lung cancer.  Something I never dreamed we would have to face doing all we do to be healthy.  But we did not know the government had poisoned entire communities for 11 years with atomic weapon testing, following WWII.  This distributed radioactive fallout that has attributed to hundreds of deaths in these areas of the country.  Three in her family alone developed cancer.  She died at 61.  Her mother lived to be 97 and her dad 93.  We thought she would out live me by many years.
We live in a polluted state from junk food, powerlines, radiation, heavy metals, environmental toxins, computers, cell phones, toxic water, many inoculations, chemical pollutants, etc., etc., etc.  That is why we believe we need constant good diet, detoxification programs, incredible nutrition like the whole food- predigested OHS Nutrition.  I think truly it is the best nutritional support available on the planet.  Yet, I think we need to consider extra support in the form of the Biological Allografts that come as activators to the stem cells.  They come from the placenta of C Section babies as stated earlier.  They help to overcome the extra stress and toxic insults our bodies have to endure in this age and polluted state of the whole earth.  If you missed last week’s Puzzle Piece, please read it for further insights.
Dr Harris, Doug Grant of OHS and Myself are adding this progressive form of treatment to complement the Six Steps to Wellness and the OHS Nutrition.  I hope this article clarifies why we think this approach is necessary and why we are integrating it with all else we have been doing for almost 50 years.



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1. Can Chiropractors do Biological Allograft treatment in their practice? YES and Why… 
2. Stem Cell Types 
3. Stem Cell Functions 
4. Is function set by type? 
5. History and the science 
6. Patient experiences 
7. When do you need Biological Allograft treatment? 
8. Are stem cells enough? 
9. Who is the best candidate? 
10. Local or systemic? 
11. How long does it take to work? 
12. What are the financial rewards


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