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April 10, 2017 - Studies Show Sugars and Other Junk Foods Can Shrink the Brain

Studies Show Sugars and Other Junk Foods Can Shrink the Brain

April 10, 2017 Puzzle Piece
A recent Australian study demonstrated that that people with consistent habits of eating junk food and generally calorie rich with nutrient poor diets tend to have a smaller hippocampus.  This is the area of the brain responsible for memory, learning, and mental health.

Getting older has been blamed for loss of memory.  Age related dysfunction is a reality but much of the decline is from toxic accumulation from eating contaminated, nutrient-poor, processed and genetically modified foods.  Some people describe the way the feel as having a foggy brain.  The more sugar and refined foods you eat, the worse the condition can be.

Some people state they have a weak brain and just can’t retain information or recall what they used to know.  Routine consumption of sugar, soft drinks, fructose, artificial sweeteners, high-sodium snacks and processed meat can be some of the major offenders.

Eating burgers, milkshakes and fries is a favorite American pastime that is causing dysfunction in their blood sugar regulation, increased insulin production and diminished brain function.  The brain relies on optimal regulation of sugar to function properly.  Now we are finding those on the Ketogenic Diet are using high grade fats to regulate energy, having less abdominal and other unwanted weight, inflammation and brain shrinkage.

A study published in BMC Medicine, compared MRI scans of approximately 250 people who were in their early 60s in the year 2001. Based on dietary questionnaires provided to the participants, they were able to separate these people easily into two groups.  The people who ate a Western (un-) Civilized diet, that was high in processed foods, fats, salt, and sugar showed poorer brain function and overall shrinkage.  The people that ate mainly fruits, vegetables, and fish, at the same age showed increased size of the brain compare to the Junk Food Group.  They also demonstrated better cognition overall. 

The researchers from Deakin University and the Australian National University found that the people who consistently ate a healthier diet had larger hippocampi, while the fast food and junk food people had smaller ones. 

The authors of the study were scientists and looked at other factors that could affect hippocampal volume, including medication, gender, and mental health issues. With all of the factors considered, the poor diet was the strongest predictor of a shrunken hippocampus.

We've known for some time that components of diet, both healthy and unhealthy, have a rapid impact on aspects of the brain that affect hippocampal size and function.  Until recently these studies had only been done in rats and mice.  The lead professor of the study was Felice Jacka. Dr Jacka stated this is the first study to show what was found in animal studies proved similar in humans.

This really brings home the importance of OHS’s whole food, pre-digested nutrients that make up the line.  It is no coincidence the Optimal Fruits and Veggies has 9 structure-function claims approved by the FDA. 

All of the products OHS produces are whole food and predigested with plant enzymes before formulation.  OHS only uses the kind of natural food this study proved to prevent brain shrinkage and improve brain function. 

You will also be excited to know we have formulated an Opti-Brain that should be released in the next month or two.  It is an advancement of any other formula I have been involved with.  Doug Grant and I collaborated on this natural, whole-food, predigested formula to incorporate the latest research available in the world.

We also have exciting news that we are about to break ground on the new OHS Building and expansion in Arizona.  Stay tuned as a new era unfolds for some of the most advanced nutriceuticals in existence!

Yours in Health and Wellness,

John W Brimhall, BA, BS, DC, FIAMA, DIBAK

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