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January 9, 2023 - Protect Your Electromagnetic Field with Digestive Enzymes, Multipolar Magnets, Laser and TARP


January 9, 2023 Puzzle Piece

Protect Your Electromagnetic Field with Digestive Enzymes, Multipolar Magnets, Laser and TARP

Protect Your Electromagnetic Field with Digestive Enzymes, Multipolar Magnets, Laser and TARP


Part of Homecoming 2023 will be the destructive force of EMF’s all around us and the protective tools we have. Research shows electrical pollution is killing us. Our bodies are negatively affected by power lines, air wave communication, fluorescent lights, computers, cell phones and every electrical appliance. Everything that uses electricity negatively impacts our health and energy.

The potentially harmful electromagnetic field set up by alternating currents, (A.C. electricity, which runs our electrical appliances), interferes with our own energy field and nervous system, which is direct current. Our electromagnetic energy is life itself. Einstein gave us this formula of energy, E=mc2, which includes our life force.

The Body Electric

For more than a century, researchers have been studying the role of electric currents in the body and the potential of using them to promote healing. The Chinese have been researching, writing, and treating them for over 5,000 years.

170 years ago, Carlos Matteucci proved that injured tissues generate an electric current. In 1843, Emil du Bois-Reymond measured one microampere of current in a wound of human skin. The first modern documented use of electrical stimulation to manage pain in America was by Nicola Tesla in 1898 when he used it on a broken bone.

Following Tesla's first applications, much of the initial work was in orthopedic applications using a variety of energy forms: direct current, pulsed direct current, and alternating current. Laser has been shown to be very effective and so have magnets.

Over the years, significant developments in electroceutical technologies continued with diathermy, pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) devices, and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS). Electrical impulses are the language of the body's nervous system including, obviously, the language of pain. Pulsed-shortwave systems create an induced field that acts on tissues in two ways.

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One is to stimulate sensory neurons, interrupting the pain sensation to provide quick relief. The second is to enhance blood flow in the injured region, which reduces inflammation while supporting the removal of interstitial fluid and lymphatic fluid. This activity improves cell-to-cell contact and accelerates the healing process.  I use PEMF, Laser, acupuncture, electric stimulation, EMF protection devices and OHS Enzymes (Optimal Digestion 1) daily in my practice and in my personal life.  We have demonstrated all of these in our seminars and have them available through our office by calling Jason at 480-964-5198.  We will have most of these adjuncts available at Homecoming 2023 this month in Tempe, Arizona.

Marc Harris, MD, ND, PhD will also demonstrate the use of Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC’s) for tissue regeneration/antiaging and D5W injections for a quantum affect to reduce pain and restore normal function at Homecoming.

Today, PEMF has gained acceptance as an adjunct therapy to stimulate bone growth and is widely used to mitigate pain and improve healing time. Studies on the effective application of PEMF have targeted diverse applications from acute orthopedic injuries to chronic systemic conditions such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, and hypertension. I have owned, used, and sold PEMFs for 20 years.

We can protect ourselves with a simple multipolar magnet, no bigger than a credit card, which energizes our energy field to protect us. You place it in a pocket to balance and help protect your energy field.  You may have more energy and generally feel better with continual use.

We recommend people wear this all the time they are working with computers, cell phones, etc. Our preference is to have it next to you all day long, every day. These have also been used for pain reduction by placing them over the painful area and leaving it until the pain lessens or leaves.  If the magnet doesn't appear to reduce the pain, move it to the exact same place on the opposite side of the body. Sometimes, you need to tap into acupuncture meridians for maximum results.

Multipolar magnets will many times relieve chronic pain, like headaches, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, strained muscles, bruises, arthritis, old injuries, back pain, or spinal problems. Some of these conditions are caused by frequent electromagnetic bombardments where our energy field weakens or becomes irritated, allowing symptoms and dysfunction.

Have you ever wondered why the old manual typewriters didn't cause carpal tunnel and the new easy-to-push electric computer keyboards are causing so many problems? Now you know, it is electromagnetic interference and imbalance.

This little magnet is placed against your body. It usually takes only one card. Place in the pocket of your shirt or pants. Some ladies even place it in their bra to have it next to their body. Most people wear it all day. Some feel they need more energy and find that placing several under their mattress pad helps them at night.  We also use the TARP to protect from EMF’s and SARS.  We will demonstrate at HC 2023.  You and all of your family and patients need them on their phone and computers.

The Protective Power of Digestive Enzymes Multipolar magnets do a superior job of protecting you from the electrical interference by ingesting them. They create a biological environment that promotes healing.  They further promote and speed up the healing process.  Your body needs enzymes for cellular function, to clear out the debris, and allow your body to repair itself and create robust cell membranes. Researchers from the study Dissolution dynamic nuclear polarization NMR studies of enzyme kinetics: Setting up differential equations for fitting to spectral time courses -  were able to prove that enzymes help make cells more robust against EMFs.

Enzymes inrease cellular strength by digesting food so that cells are not stressed by the extra work and chemical processes needed to complete digestion. They also are energy generators that increase your protective field. This allows you and your cells to be stronger to resist radiation and interference from 5-G towers and all things electrical that saturate the air and your body.

Optimal 1 Digestion: EMF Protection from the Inside OHS’s top seller for over 20 years, Optimal 1 Digestion is the number one formula that breaks down all foods, helping eliminate gas, bloat, acid reflux and more. It also compliments the multipolar magnet, helping your body repair at the cellular level and further protecting you from EMFs.

Yours in Health and Wellness,
John W Brimhall, DC, BA, BS, FIAMA, DIBAK

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