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January 2, 2023 - Digest or Die


January 2, 2023 Puzzle Piece

Digest or Die

The keys to health start in the gut?  This is why digestion is so important.  Digestion 1 Enzymes help you get more nutrients from your food and helps prevent indigestion.

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People have become increasingly aware that a healthy and balanced digestive system is the major key to health, but many don’t fully understand why.  For years the health community has stated “Death Begins in the Colon”.  To prevent this problem, we need to begin with proper and complete digestion, starting in the mouth and continuing through the entire digestive system.

Digestion is something I’m constantly pushing for both patients and doctors to understand.  It is the first formula I partnered with Doug Grant to make over 20 years ago.

Eating even the cleanest macronutrient foods will not do you any good unless the foods are digested down to usable nutrients at the cellular level.  The fats, proteins and carbohydrates must all be in this usable form.  Each take different and specific enzymes to accomplish this journey.

Almost all digestion issues boil down to enzymes, proper pH and probiotics.

Enzymes are minute protein molecules naturally found in foods we eat. Cooking our foods destroy a lot of these enzymes.  Fast foods and sugars deplete the effectiveness of these enzymes as well. These protein molecules are catalysts that make possible the chemical reactions that digest our food and break it down into usable, absorbable nutrients if they are the right quality and quantity.

The food we eat must be digested and the nutrients must be absorbed for them to provide the body with nourishment. Even if you eat well, all that nutrition does nothing if you don’t digest it properly.  This is why I add Optimal 1 Digestive enzymes with each meal.

Absorb Everything that is usable

Having sufficient digestive enzymes is the first of three parts of digestion basics. The second part is absorption, which requires some help from your gut, specifically probiotics and fiber.

Probiotics are friendly bacteria that are in your intestinal tract. There are more bacteria cells in the body than human cells.  They are vitally important in our immune defense mechanism, helping to keep you disease-free and helping with the digestion of nutrients that get transported into your bloodstream. Stress, chemicals, acidic foods, sodas, and especially antibiotics found in both prescriptions and our food supply destroy our friendly flora.

We will highlight an incredible book at Homecoming 2023, FIBER FUELED.  This book follows many of Dr Harris’s teaching and his personal vegan lifestyle.  It is worth your reading and implementing many of its aspects.  One thing I learned, above all else, from this research is every good vegetable and fruit we eat, that is high in natural fiber, breaks down into short chain fatty acids that make the probiotics we need to properly utilize this food and others.  Over 15,000 probiotics have been identified at this point.

Utilize Everything

The third player in the complete digestion of food is organic minerals. Enzymes break food down into manageable chunks, probiotics absorb the nutrients, and finally, organic minerals not only play a role in activating digestive enzymes but also transport those nutrients to their final destination.

As organic minerals play an important role in digestion and health, it is imperative to eat nutrient-rich meals or at least supplement with organic chelated minerals. OHS covers this in many of their natural formulas.

The Takeaway

Lifestyle and nutritional habits leave almost everyone deficient in essential nutrients. Even with efforts of eating healthier, the facts show that our chemically laden and nutrient-deficient foods don’t provide everything our bodies need to reach optimal health. With inadequate nutrition, we lose energy, are more prone to disease, and can create allergies and other reactions to our bodies. This turns on our fat storage sensors.

Optimal 1 Digestion is the most complete digestion formula on the market. It contains a full array of plant enzymes, stabilized probiotics, and amino acid-chelated minerals, covering all three stages of complete digestion for all food you consume.

Discover the digestive benefits of Optimal 1 Digestion by clicking the link below and ordering some today↓

Also consider the probiotics Optimal Flora Plus and the Flora Blitz 100 PAK.

They give you an amazing start to proper digestion on your way to health and wellness along with Optimal 1 Digestion.

Yours in Health and Wellness,
John W Brimhall, DC, BA, BS, FIAMA, DIBAK

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