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March 9, 2015 Puzzle Piece - What if there was a "HOLE IN ONE" Nutrition?

 What if there was a "HOLE IN ONE" Nutrition?

March 9, 2015 Puzzle Piece

May-Wan Ho, PhD, the physicist the wrote the ultimate physics of organisms book, THE RAINBOW AND THE WORM,  has made a bold correlation that DEGENERATIVE DISEASES ARE REDOX or oxidation/reduction in causation.  She draws the correlation that unhealthy cells are UNIVERSALLY DISTURBED IN THEIR ELECTRONIC ENERGY BALANCE.  Energy balance is dependent on adequate redox signaling molecules.

Dr Hoe states: "An organism is energized by electrons (and Protons) flowing through a liquid crystalline matrix that extends into the interior of every single cell.  The movement of electrons between chemical species is reduction (for the electron acceptor) and oxidation (for the electron donor).

Reduction and oxidation always go together, hence 'redox' reactions.  Redox reactions are the heart of energy transduction in living organisms.  Inadequate redox signaling molecules equal poor and faulty communication between cells and causes MALFUNCTION everywhere and anywhere in physiology. Every healthy human cell must have oxygen or die.  It must have balance in oxidation, which is reduction.  One gives and one takes electrons.

Dr Ho wrote a sequel book, RAINBOW H2O12.  It is a synthesis of the quantum physics and chemistry of water as the 'means, medium and message of life'."  The proper body content and structure of redox signaling water molecules carries all information for health and wellness.  Inadequate or the wrong medium in the body causes DYSFUNCTION of all types to paraphrase her writings and research.

As a Chiropractor, Nutritionist and an Acupuncturist, I treat dis-ease or dysfunction but I do not treat chronic or any stage disease.  I treat to improve function by balance of the 'Six Steps to Wellness', structure, nutrition, stress reduction, detoxification, reducing allergic or sensitivity reactions and electromagnetic harmony.  If balance is restored in the body, it seems self-evident that dis-ease may be reduced by improving normal and optimal functioning of the cells, organs and systems.  I have found supplying adequate redox signaling molecules to my patients improves all 'Six Steps' mentioned above to immediate, and lasting improvement if continued. I have found over 95% of those evaluated by muscle response evaluation to test positive for these molecules.  It cuts down the number of other supplements I need to give and yields better and faster results.

As indicated above, Dr Ho states all cellular function is dependent on the water matrix that is in each cell and therefore the entire body as the 'means, medium and message of life'.  It seems to me then, if we can balance this internal saline water to the proper redox potential, it may be the 'hole in one' we have been looking for to allow optimal function of each cell and therefore the totality of human health.

Dr Ho states another physiologist, Otto Heinrich Warburg in the 1920's, did a lot of work on chronic and degenerative conditions.  He postulated that MITOCHONDRIAL DYSFUNCTION was the primary cause of these conditions.

Isn't it interesting that the Mitochondria are the source of not only ATP (adenosine tri-phosphate=main energy molecule) but also these redox signaling molecules.  You can refer to the picture at the beginning of this article.  It is estimated that mitochondria account for 50% of a person's dry weight, which is about 15% of normal weight. Mitochondria also produce ROS and RS molecules simultaneously. These were seen as "cellular waste" for many years until it was understood that these metabolites act as specific intermediary transmitter substances.  They orchestrate the needed healthy immune reactions and the needed protection by mobilization of antioxidants.

Research indicates that each decade of life, starting at age 11 shows a decrease of mitochondrial function in producing the redox signaling molecules, which regulate oxidation, reduction, anti-oxidant delivery signals, the protecting and cleaning up of all cells in the body. I have been using the patented product ASEA, which is stabilized oxygen in saline solution to replace the missing or diminished balance of redox signaling molecules the mitochondria cannot keep up with.  ASEA contains ozone and an additional 14 other types of redox signaling molecules that act synergistically in many pathways to enhance the normal actions and reactions of the body.  The combination of these oxidative molecules is formulated in such a way that they are stable (long-lived) and safe, even in large amounts, for all types of tissues, even sensitive tissues such as the eyes.

ASEA contains the same composition that naturally exists in all healthy cells and tissues of the body that are produced by optimal functioning mitochondria.  It does not irritate or inflame the tissues...where the action of ozone alone, for example, is redox imbalanced and can cause irritation and inflammation.

If you want more science on redox signaling molecules:
Similarly, the first modern statement that "ROS are messengers" component of redox signaling appears to be that of Proctor, who at a congress of free radical investigators in 1979 generalized the concept to suggest that " oxygen metabolites act as specific intermediary transmitter substances for a variety of biological processes including inflammation, fibrosis, and possibly, neurotransmission.." and " One explanation for this data is that various active oxygen species ( or such products as hydroperoxides ) may act as specific transmitter substances....".

This was formally published in a review in 1984.
Reactive Oxygen Species as Messengers or the formation of ROS such as hydrogen peroxide underlies much biotic and abiotic stress signaling. For example, as signaling molecules, hydrogen peroxide and other ROS post- translationally modify target proteins by oxidizing thiol groups, thus forming disulfide bonds that reversibly alter protein structure and function. Specificity is achieved by localized production, concatenate hormone or calcium signaling, with targeted secondary oxidation occurring via glutaredoxins or thioredoxins.

Target proteins containing reduction-oxidation (redox) sensitive thiol groups include i) signal transduction pathway proteins, such as phosphatases and mitogen-activated protein kinases, ii) embryogenesis regulating proteins iii) any transcription factors, iv) RNA-binding proteins that direct DNA methylation, and v) proteins involved in histone acetylation, deacetylation or methylation.

ROS molecules are the weapon of choice used by the immune system. When an immune cell attacks a pathogen, it destroys it by emitting a blast of ROS molecules known as an "oxidative burst" or "respiratory burst." Pathogens are incapable of living in an environment of positively charged ROS that will instantly destroy them.

The body creates the majority of these molecules from sodium chloride and water in the body (salt water). Through electrochemical forms of electrolysis at a cellular level, sodium chloride and water are split into four different atoms, sodium, chlorine, hydrogen and oxygen; they are reassembled into multiple species of molecules.

There are many pathways that become activated with these Redox Signal Molecules, including oxygenation, reduction, Nrf2 Pathway, detoxification at many levels, including heavy metals, activation of the immune system, mobilization of antioxidants etc., etc., etc......

You can go to  for more information or call Jason at 866-338-4883.

Yours in Health and Wellness,

John W Brimhall, DC, FIAMA, DIBAK

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