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March 2, 2015 Puzzle Piece - Why would any Doctor want to promote nutrition through a Network Marketing Company?

 Why would any Doctor want to
 promote nutrition through a
 Network Marketing Company?

March 2, 2015 Puzzle Piece

I have always been against selling anything through MLM's or Multi Lever Marketing.  I have promoted selling directly to the patient the nutrients I bought through a good nutritional company that services the healing arts professions.

Experience and observation has given me a wake-up call and a new perspective recently. Doctors are telling me horror stories, which do not have very happy endings.  If they want to cut back or can no longer work, their standard of living decreases dramatically.  They did not build a residual income and with the present economy, much of their properties or holdings have lost value.

I HAVE A NEW PERSPECTIVE!  I now realize we need to represent a company and a process that allows our knowledge, experience and abilities to be rewarded exponentially and long after we quit actively working.  We need to build ourselves a residual income, not someone else's.  I have an example in my own life.  The companies I no longer formulate or lecture for are still selling the nutrients I created but I don't get a paycheck, they do!

I have been introduced by Garry Gordon DO, MD, MD (H) to the product ASEA, which contains signal reduction molecules.  In other words a universally needed product that contains stabilized oxygen that can be delivered to each cell and balance life in oxygen/reduction...  I use it with every patient and with each member of my family to great success.  It helps all other nutrition to work more efficiently and cuts down the numbers and amounts of nutrition needed to balance muscle response testing and functional blood studies.

I will give you a scientific overview next week.  This week I want to stay on the theme of our knowledge and work giving us residual income.  I have a very good Medical Doctor friend that was using the product and lost 42 pounds but did not like the MLM concept.  He was buying it by cases at a time but did not like the system of marketing through others, just like me, of the past.

Here are the facts.  My MD friend is over 65.  If he retired today, his income would go down severely or completely disappear no how much service he rendered or nutrition he sold in the past.

However, with joining a direct marketing team, each person under you promotes health, wellness and prosperity for themselves and you.  The up-line helps everyone below because it prospers themselves also.  You now have teams working with and for each other that expands your influence and builds residual income.  The patients, family and friends that utilize ASEA, increase oxygen utilization to all of their cells and balance body function.  It meets the most important criteria.  It is exclusive and safe.  It has different unique properties, unlike any other product anyone could buy or distribute.  It increases both oxidation and antioxidants.

This income continues on a residual basis as long as people continue to utilize the products. When do you think we won't need oxygen, immune building, GI and chemistry balancing, etc.?  That's correct, we always will.  The # 1 thing we do as humans is take in and utilize oxygen.  Do it properly and you have a good chance of a long, healthy and happy life.  Do it improperly and dis-ease is eminent.  We can go without food for weeks, water for days and oxygen for only a very few minutes.  Opportunistic organisms live in AN-OXYGEN conditions.

Let's start building our future with residual health and income right now.

Dr Gary Samuelson is the scientist that stabilized the molecules.  I got to talk to him on the phone and I fly out to meet him in person this week.  The research and results are mind-blowing.  Here is some information from him.

Audio Interviews:

A few blurbs on redox signaling and cellular function in body systems:


My up-line who can assist you on understanding the product and starting your residual income:
Kim Shunkwiler, DC  ([email protected]<mailto:[email protected]><mailto:[email protected]<mailto:[email protected]>>)  work:  734-728-5533<tel:734-728-5533>    cell:  734-564-8215<tel:734-564-8215>

Sue Brenchley  [email protected]<mailto:[email protected]><mailto:[email protected]<mailto:[email protected]>>  work: 801-876-2732<tel:801-876-2732> m    Cell:  801-645-0546<tel:801-645-0546>

Yours in Health and Wellness,

John W Brimhall, DC, FIAMA, DIBAK

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