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August 11, 2014 Puzzle Piece Adrenal Burnout Can Underlie Almost Any Condition

August 11, 2014 Puzzle Piece  


Adrenal Burnout Can Underlie Almost Any Condition


Proper nutritional support such as MaX Adrenal and possibly MaX Hypothalamus/Pituitary:
  • Helps to manage stress all during the day and night through glandular and other nutritional support
  • Helps the body heal and feel good
  • Helps the blood sugar to stay within normal levels and limits
  • Increases alertness without making you nervous or jumpy
  • Boosts physical energy and stamina
  • Helps keep you calm and focused
  • Helps promote normal thyroid function

Adrenal Function

The adrenal glands are two small glands about the size of an acorn, each sitting on top of a kidney. The adrenals produce many hormones that allow normal function and promote health physically and emotionally. In 1898, Emile Sergent, a noted French physician, described the two prime functions of the adrenals as antitoxic and angiotonic. With dysfunction of the adrenals, depression and muscular fatigue are common manifestations.

Functional adrenal insufficiency is due to a number of factors, which may include inadequate development from birth, exhaustion from any cause, age related degeneration, chronic stress, infection or simply put, any of the Six Steps of Stress or Dysfunction: Structural Imbalance, Electromagnetic Insult, Nutritional Inadequacies, Emotional Stressors, Toxic Accumulations and Allergies/Sensitivities. 
Many symptomatic expressions can become evident with adrenal dysfunction, such as:  sensitivity to cold, low blood pressure, weak heart action and pulse, anorexia, slow metabolism, upper respiratory problems and constipation. chronic colds, allergies, hives and thyroid problems may have an adrenal connection.

Adrenal insufficiency is likely a major factor underlying many health disorders that no one has an answer for.  It can be a rash, chronic fatigue, slow morning starter, emotional collapse, depression, joint pain or an autoimmune condition. Not only can infection cause severe adrenal compromise, but weak adrenals can allow for recurring infections.  Any type of stress affects the adrenals and then the adrenals cannot respond to stress for future protection and proper functions.
Here is a list of possible dysfunctions related in part to Adrenal Insufficiency:
Chronic Fatigue, low blood pressure (or the blood pressure drops when the patient goes from lying to standing), muscle weakness, dizzy, hives, respiratory conditions, arthritis, bowel dysfunction, nervous conditions, exhaustion, swollen ankles, crave salt, asthma or bronchitis.
Low Thyroid (Hypothyroidism): Treat the adrenals first…

Hypothyroidism and hypoadrenals often coexist. Stiffness upon rising, especially of the low back, is often a complaint of low thyroid. Sore throats in the morning are common as well, usually resolving later in the day. Many think of the thyroid as the first gland that comes to mind for people with fatigue, I look at the adrenals and mitochondria first or at the same time.  If you treat thyroid function first, without regard to the adrenal glands, you'll boost metabolism, and place more demands on the adrenals. The thyroid (MaX Thyroid & MaX Iodine) cannot be balanced properly with adrenal malfunction (MaX Adrenal) .  They need to operate as a team.  Increased cortisol, decreases thyroid function.

The proper diet is important with low carbs and especially no refined carbohydrates, along with adequate protein and proper fats, such as fish (Omega Pure’s) or krill oil (LipiChol) from XYMOGEN. Use only good salt, such as Celtic salt for adequate sodium content.  Use active B’s (B Active) and a very balanced adrenal and general adaptive support such as MaX Adrenal.
We mentioned Max Hypothalamus/Pituitary at the beginning of the article.  The hypothalamus tells the pituitary what to do and the pituitary communicates with the thyroid and adrenals.
MaX Adrenal is one of the most balanced nutrients I have seen and used in the industry.
Yours in Health and Wellness,
John W. Brimhall, BA, BS, DC, FIAMA, DIBAK

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