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January 13 2014 - You Are What You Eat, Digest, Assimilate and Detoxify!

January 13, 2014 Puzzle Piece

You Are What You Eat…, Digest, Assimilate and Detoxify!

Your Practice is What You Hear, Know, Understand and Implement!


Santa Claus already came to town.  He knows if we were bad or good and most of us have been bad.  With New Year’s Resolutions, it is time to set a course for health and wellness.  This is not only in our personal lives but for our practices as well. 
Our bodies and our practices know exactly how they have been treated and are adapting to our actions daily.  Homecoming will be an incredible experience and set the stage for all who attend to increase their health and wealth according to how well they implement the vast knowledge and experience shared.
The holidays start with Thanksgiving Day and go through the New Year which is the time when common sense about eating and paying attention to practice details is blown away with the autumn leaves.  The bulging waistband and ballooning of the belly rival Santa’s abdomen.  Rumbly feelings in the gastrointestinal tract and indigestion are the result of unhealthy recipes, rich food, late nights, parties and the hustle and bustle of the season, which can add to more stress and weak adrenals and all that go with the general adaptation syndrome. 
To keep with this dual idea of poor diet and practice habits, let’s focus and refocus on proper eating and practicing habits at the same time.  80-90% of your immune system is in the gut.  80-90% of our effectiveness with patients is in our attitude and projected outcomes, along with great systems for our practices.  WE can have good eating, supplementing, exercising programs along with positive mental and physical outcomes, system driven practices, increased knowledge and plans for proper delivery of the best health care available for our patients. 
If you do not eat correctly, take your supplements and exercise, how can you possibly tell your patients to do what they need too to be well?  If you do not have proper systems in place for new patients, treatment programs, report of findings, billing, compliance, collections...

  1. Eat less sweets, refined carbohydrates, gluten and hydrogenated fats.
  2. Take MaX Adrenal, herbal or glandular to reduce the effects of stress emotionally and physiologically.
  3. Take GastrAcid if low in HCL and Xymozyme if low in digestive enzymes.
  4. Run a comprehensive blood test and a hair analysis to review the major systems of the body and possible toxicities.
  5. Support the systems under stress or in dysfunction with MaX Liver Detox, Max Brain, MaX Male or Fem, Max Kidney, MaX DeFlam, MaX Thyroid, MaX Heart, ALAmax, LipiChol, MaX Iodine etc.
  6. Use MaX VRL or MaX Immune, or Max Para for any hidden infections and to support the immune system.
  7. Use one of the ProbioMax formulas daily to help establish and maintain normal intestinal flora.
In Practice:
  1. Sign up for the Brimhall Advantage SBN Program and get started or increase your efficiency in testing, evaluating and reporting systems. 
  2. Learn more about nutrition and implement your knowledge at home and in your office.
  3. Take some seminars from us learning more about foundational and functional evaluation and treatment, as well as each of the Six Steps to Wellness. 
  4. Consider becoming Brimhall Certified in 2014.
  5. Run hair analysis and the comprehensive blood tests on your complicated patients.
  6. Implement proper practice procedures in every aspect of you practice.
  7. Consider coaching from someone like Dr David Singer that knows how to evaluate every aspect of practice.
  8. Have someone like Brandy Brimhall review your records for proper record keeping, documentation, and coding, as well as Compliance of your office.  She also can help you know the best systems available for EHR.   
  9. Set goals and outcomes with specific steps for accomplishing them.
Homecoming is being held on January 24-26, 2014 and is the way to get all of these positive outcomes going at the same time.
Yours in Health and Wellness,

John W. Brimhall, BA, BS, DC, FIAMA, DIBAK

Dr. John Brimhall 
e-mail:  [email protected]
Cell:  (602) 538-0976 

Brandy Brimhall
e-mail:  [email protected]
Office:  (303) 242-8901
Cell:      (719) 349-0220
Jason Matuszewski
e-mail:  [email protected]
Office:  866-338-4883
Solitaire Parke
e-mail:  [email protected]
Office:  866-338-4883  

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