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January 6 2014 - Why we have Functional Medicine as Part of Homecoming 2014

January 6, 2014 Puzzle Piece

Why we have Functional Medicine as Part of Homecoming 2014

One of our mottos is Mentoring in Miracles with the Six Steps to Wellness.  I have been blessed to help many patients through the years, just like I was helped with my first Chiropractic Adjustment.  Unfortunately these miracles are just stories because I do not have before-and after-testing to validate the success of natural treatment.


It is important we evaluate, treat and document that treatment the very best we can.  The addition of Blood Testing, Urine and Toxic Urine Testing, Hair Analysis and Muscle Response Testing are all very important in knowing the most about a patient.  Electro Acupuncture Testing can also be very helpful if that is within your license and practice interest.
We will talk about Foundational Testing at Homecoming 2014 as well.  Both Dr Merkle and I have found though our many years of clinical practice and treating, backed by continual review of the literature, that the patient’s foundation of health includes understanding each organ and system by proper testing.  We have found if the patient has heavy metals, toxic halogens and other toxins, no matter what you do, they may not normalize until detoxified.

We will show you facts, figures and case histories where it seems the body was able to create a miracle with evaluation and then treatment by detoxification and proper nutrient supplementation.  
Reimbursement from insurance is getting much harder and more complicated.  Functional evaluation and treatment are most of the time cash propositions.  It is easy to grow your practice and your income by doing proper testing and getting increased results.

Stepping outside the box allows for greater results, greater patient base, more referrals and an increased cash practice. I did receive 50-70 patients a month by the patients doing the advertising for me.  What we discuss at all of our seminars and the implementation of the Whole Patient approach is paramount for the success of patient outcomes and the growth, success and profitability of a practice.

This year on January 24-26 we will have Dr David Singer tell you how he adds Functional Medicine to the practices he coaches and how he uses the most advanced methods to grow a practice and keep them profitable. Dr Singer, Dr Merkle, Dr Brett and Dr John Brimhall will help to expand your comfort zone and knowledge on the how’s and whys.

Brandy Brimhall will expand on all of the current procedures and exactness of documentation and record keeping for two hours.  It is a must in today’s practice to get paid (& KEEP the money you have been paid) and to protect your license.  She will do an extra two hour workshop in the breakouts for those in your office who are over proper coding to match your proper record keeping and documentation.  They must match!  She will also cover some of the new compliance issues and implementation of the ICD 10’s etc.
Ruthie Harper MD will bring a Medical Doctors point of view of a wellness practice. She will demonstrate the use of genetic testing and how to modulate genetic expression through nutrition and topical applications to truly help reverse ageing.  Look at her picture!  She is proof of her own procedures.  Everyone is different and we have new advanced testing to evaluate that difference and treat it very exacting.  If we do not look, we do not see.

Dr Brett Brimhall and Dr John Brimhall will cover how we accomplish each of the techniques of evaluation and treatment for Structure, Nutrition, Emotional Stress, Detoxification, Electromagnetic Pollution and Allergies/Sensitivities.  We will bring you up to date on the latest in laser, neurology, instrument adjusting, fascial release male and female hormone balancing, detoxification and other techniques.

This year we have a special guest, Dr Wendy Meyer, who is a technique guru and will demonstrate new advances in how to use the eyes and eye positioning in finding and correcting neurological and physiological dysfunction.

Cheryl Burdette, ND is addressing lab testing and treating of the gut, the immune system, methylation and demonstrating the evaluation of high histamine and the multiple problems it causes.  She will also demonstrate the answers to these very common and potentially severe dysfunctions.

We are excited to share these three days with you January 24-26, 2014 to expand your paradigm and get you out of any box you may be stuck in.

Dr Scott Minor, Dr Dov Widenbaum and Dr Frank Bly Hatch will be doing the re-certification testing.

Yours in Health and Wellness,

John W. Brimhall, BA, BS, DC, FIAMA, DIBAK

Dr. John Brimhall 
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