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A Miracle of Advanced Technology

Mini Harmonizer Regardless of Battery Strength
Engineered to Run Through a Lifetime of Hard Knocks
Unparalleled Versatility and Function
Choice of Earth Resonance or One Half Earth Resonance

The Mini Harmonizer is solely intended for your personal experimentation with 7.83 HZ (Schuman Resonance), 3.91 HZ pulsed frequency, and biofeedback meditative entrainment. No medical claims are made of implied. For any physical problems that you believe are caused by exposure to electropollution, see your doctor.

Are you tired or feel out of sorts no matter how well you take care of yourself? If you are getting plenty of rest and have a good diet, yet still do not feel as well as you know you could, stress from ever-present electropollution may be the cause. The earth in its previously unadulterated state provided mankind with all the physical conditions for optimal health. The atmosphere, water, ozone balance, and food chain are dramatic examples of an ecosystem in danger. The latest and most troubling adulteration of our
environment is the presence of a wide spectrum of artificially created magnetic fields.

We are challenged in every aspect of our environment to maintain our equilibrium.
AIE Corp Introduces the Micro Harmonizer

A three in one tool for achieving maximum emotional, mental, and physical harmony in an artificial and stressful environment.

Function 1

Balance your immediate environment in the midst of electromagnetic chaos.

Function 2

Biofeedback entrainment to alpha and theta states. Fast stress relief.

Function 3

Re-establish bodily energy flow with harmonizer techniques.

Electropollution and Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome
On December 4, 1976, Dr. Kyoichi Nakawa, Director of Isuzu Hospital in Tokyo, introduced a new term in the Japanese Medical Journal – Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome. The following are highlights of the clinical research contained in his report: Electropollution is an electrical source that jams, alters, or interferes with normal bio-energetic functions such as cellular communication, sleep cycles, brain wave patterns, and circadian rhythms. The earth’s resonant magnetic field is also altered by sunspot activity and moon cycles. Statistical evidence demonstrates that these phenomena effect human and animal behavior. As early as 1929, scientists began to study what dowsers, indigenous peoples, and animals have always been aware of, which is, that we are sensitive to geopathic stress – subtle fields of electromagnetic disturbance in the earth’s field. Even then, scientist Gustave Freiherr Von Pohl demonstrated a definite connection between the electromagnetic condition of sleeping places in German houses and their occupant’s rate of cancer deaths.

Further European studies corroborated by physicians, physicists, and dowsers have produced evident correlations between geopathic stress and degenerative diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, rheumatism, arthritis, and cardiovascular
dysfunction. In the April 24, 1991 issues of Whole Health America, Dr. William Adey, an American Cancer Researcher, asserted this “Electronic Smog” can block the brains electromagnetic signals to the cells; thereby undermining the body’s disease fighting ability and promoting tumors. 

Mini Harmonizer Field Output Characteristics
The first function of the MINI HARMONIZER is to supply to your immediate environment a clear, stable, and energetically compatible earth resonant field. No matter what level of electromagnetic interference is present, the MINI HARMONIZER makes this balanced and integrated field immediately available to re-establish harmony. The key is the presentation of the following four characteristics of the earth resonant field. It is this essential quality that holds the secret to the effectiveness of this unit.

The Mini Harmonizer Field is:

1.) A Direct Current Biphasic Sine Wave – reversing direction on every cycle.

2.) Fully Polar Rotational – alternating around the compass clockwise then counterclockwise in sequence.

3.) Output Attenuated to an Energetically Assimilable Level.

4.) Predetermined in Shape and Density – set by unique design of field emitters. A poor field emitter can make Earth Resonance an irritant rather than a harmonizing influence.

1.) The human body is under the influence of the Earth’s magnetic field and maintains a balanced relationship with it.
2.) Under modern day living conditions, the integrity of the Earth’s magnetic field has decreased.
3.) The strength of the Earth’s magnetic field is diminishing.
4.) Symptoms of Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome-

• Stiffness in the shoulders, back and neck
• Uncertain lumbago, chest pains
• Headaches, dizziness, and insomnia
• Hypertension and digestive orders
• Bone and nerve diseases

What is happening to natural Earth resonant magnetism?
Scientists have documented that the Earth’s field periodically waxes and wanes. Geological evidence indicates this building and diminishing of the Earth’s field is tied to a planetary polar shift every million years or so. A full 5% decline has been recorded in the last 100 years. The major disruptive factor, in our balance with the Earth’s naturally occurring resonance and magnetism, is technology. Much in the same manner as the ozone layer and the oxygen content of our atmosphere being depleted, the Earth’s natural magnetism is being disrupted.

The culprit is the inundation of the planet’s surface with artificial electromagnetic fields. It is becoming difficult for bioorganic life to receive the Earth’s magnetic resonance in the midst of electropollution. The graphic below illustrates the broad spectrum of man made electromagnetism present in our environment. Some of the frequencies shown occur naturally, yet man made sources of electromagnetism exist throughout the entire scale.

Function 1: BalanceYour Environment
The Earth has a natural magnetic resonance created in a constant interaction between the Earth’s surface, the atmosphere, the ionosphere, and the radiation of the sun. The dynamics of this interaction create a capacitor discharge effect with two byproducts. One is the occurrence of electrical fields of charged particles that are discharged by lightning strikes. The other is an electromagnetic field pulsing at an average of 7.83 cycles per second. This 7.83 frequency functions as the coordinating signal for life on the planet. All life is bioelectrical as well as bio-chemical. When our bioelectrical system is altered our bio-chemical system will invariably be affected in some way. This is the essence of electropollution cause and effect.

Function 2: Biofeedback Entrainment
It is no mistake that the earth resonance of 7.83 Hz also falls into the alpha brain wave frequency.
On the top of the mini harmonizer are three large flashing lights emitting diodes that can be used for a quick, effective biofeedback session whenever needed. Through a process called entrainment, your mind will experience the peaceful awareness and calming effects associated with the alpha states. The switch on the side of the MINI HARMONIZER lets you set the unit to 7.83 Hz (up position) of 3.91 Hz (down position). 7.83 Hz is alpha and 3.91 Hz is theta. The middle position of the switch turns the unit off. The 7.83 setting represents a state of conscious, relaxed awareness and enhanced creativity. The 3.91 theta setting has a deeper more profound relaxing effect than the alpha setting.

In situations where you are feeling agitated, from arguments or difficult business associates, it can be very difficult to stop your thoughts and emotions from cycling through the situation over and over again. Many people faced with this predicament would desire to escape with a long walk in the country or a good book. However, those options can rarely fit in a busy workday.

In a matter of minutes, you can achieve a balanced mental and emotional state using the MINI HARMONIZER entrainment techniques. Hold the unit in your palm and simply focus your eyes, thoughts, and feelings toward the flashing lights set at 3.91 Hz.

The entrainment into the theta state will calm you down and allow you to remove yourself from your thoughts and feelings. When this session is completed, you will be able to look at the situation from a calm detached state allowing you to go on with your activities in an unhindered manner. The benefits of this entrainment technique become more profound with practice and can become your most effective stress reduction tool.

Function 3: Mini Harmonizer Flow
The MINI HARMONIZER flow is based on the acupuncture principle of unlocking energy flows, which have been blocked in the body. For example, when a circuit in the electrical system of a house overloaded or short-circuited, the circuit breaker flips off. This interruption does not mean the circuit is not intact. It is just disconnected.

As you go through the MINI HARMONIZER flow as directed in the instructions, you will feel the circuits reconnect and energy pulses begin to flow in harmony again. The MINI HARMONIZER flow technique reinforces the natural state of harmony, which brings the body back into alignment. Minutes a day, utilizing the biofeedback and flow principles, can dramatically reduce dependence on escapes such as reading books and meditating for long periods of time.

The MINI HARMONIZER 3-in-1 principle is a principle of balance with your environment, mind, and body.