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JANUARY 25-27, 2013
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Brimhall Seminars at 1-866-338-4883

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1626 N. Country Club Drive, Suite B
Mesa, AZ 85201


Friday, January 25th - 8:00 am - 6:00 pm*
(*Dr. Turchin will be teaching until 7pm)

Saturday January 26th - 8:00 am - 6:00 pm**
(**Dr. DeWees and Schwartz will be teaching until 7pm)

Sunday January 27th - 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

LOCATION: Hilton Garden Inn Phoenix Airport
3422 Elwood St.
Phoenix, Arizona 85040

**Special Sleeping Room Rates! Mention Brimhall Homecoming when booking. Rooms fill very quickly in January, so please make your room reservation at your earliest convenience.
COST: Licensed Professionals - $350 or Recertify @ $385
Assistants $175 or Recertify @ $200
2nd and 3rd Assistants from same office - $150 each
4th or more - FREE

* Registrations after January 1st, 2013 add $35.00

RECERTIFICATION: Thursday, January 26th, 2013 from 6-8:00pm. You must call and register now.
*Certified Doctors must recertify every 2 years to keep their status active.


Thursday, January 26th, 2013 from 6-8:00pm.

Call Jason at 866-338-4883 to make your appointment. Spaces fill up fast.
**They will be on 15 minute intervals.***

Dr. Turchin will be treating with the 4 watt laser
Dr. Dewees and Dr. Schwartz will be doing allergy treatments.
Dr. John and Dr. Brett Brimhall, along with other Certified Doctor/Teachers will be treating.



20 CE Hours have been applied for in many states through Logan College of Chiropractic. Please add $35 to registration if requesting CE Hours. Please call Logan College of Chiropractic at 1-800-842-3234 to verify CE


  • NEW! Expansion of Functional lab testing - Discounts available up to 80% for lab testing
  • NEW! Unveiling a common cause of widespread hypothyroidism; what to do from physiology to protocols and the role chlorine, fluorine and bromine are playing in blocking thyroid function
  • NEW! The Computerized Program FHEval on blood and saliva interpretation has arrived… 
  • NEW! Advanced Laser training for even the beginner.  Dr. Turchin will show you new ways to use your laser, no matter what brand it is. He will also be demonstrating the new LZR7 4 watt laser that changes all of the rules to create even more dramatic and long lasting results.  This is the most powerful FDA approved Cold Laser available. 
  • NEW! A/SERT-(ASA Balancing System) has been COMPUTERIZED and will be demonstrated by Dr. Brannon Dewees and Dr. Steven Schwartz. Dr. Brett Brimhall and Dr. John Brimhall both have and use this equipment. Only a demonstration will reveal what is now available. Hands on A/SERT will also be taught.
  • NEW! Dr. John Brimhall, Dr. Brett Brimhall and Dr. Lundell expand your knowledge in laboratory testing and share the importance of utilizing lab assessment; Astounding case studies
  • NEW! Many other conditions and problems and how to address them such as blood sugar regulation, anxiety, depression, weight loss, memory loss, ADD, ADHD, RA, Lupus, Colitis…
  • NEW! Expanded Heavy Metal Testing that will increase your results with almost every patient.
  • NEW! Choosing the right software for YOU, documentation/coding/billing, introduction to ICD-10, introducing APEX EDI & ChiroHealthUSA. Incomplete coding hurts cash flow!!! $$$

We are expanding Functional Evaluation and Functional Treatment, which demonstrates the facts through documentation, to allow individualized treatment for each patient. This allows correct and adequate nutrition, detoxification and structural support. Re-testing proves through further documentation the changes that have been accomplished through the Six Steps. This approach allows patient education and gives them an understanding of the problem and potential solutions. The re-tests also demonstrate what changes need to be made to continue progress and when the patient is stable and release is possible.

We will correlate the (Gold Standard) Blood, Hair, Urine, Heavy Metal, Saliva, Regional and Complete Question Symptom Surveys, Physical Findings and Muscle Response Testing. This allows a Total Treatment Approach using all Six Steps to Wellness with much expanded knowledge and expertise.

Special Guests:

John  BrimhallJohn W Brimhall, BA, BS, DC, FIAMA, DIBAK on how to put functional testing and treatment into your practice for increased growth, results, education and profitability. He will discuss the new expanded Heavy Metal Challenge, Hair Analysis for trace minerals and toxic metals, Syndrome X, Metabolic Syndrome, Inflammation, Lyme’s Disease, Detoxification, Hypothyroid, Vitamin and Mineral Balance etc.

He will take the very complicated Functional Medicine topic and boil it down to which tests to consider, how to order them at the co-op pricing and how to use a computerized evaluation and recommendation to allow you to start immediately either manually or with the all new turn-key computerized FHEval evaluation and reporting system.

Dr. John, Dr. Brett and the Wellness Team: Will also be Teaching and Treating with ADVANCED-ADVANCED TECHNIQUES in all areas of the Six Interferences and Six Steps To Wellness.

BrettBrimhallBrett B. Brimhall BS, DC, Certification in Acupuncture is the owner of Brimhall Wellness Center and is also an author, lecturer and teacher. Dr. Brimhall is focused on the latest techniques and innovation and has helped patients all over the world. Dr. Brimhall will be discussing the neurology of anxiety, depression and the gut-brain connection. He will also cover physical findings, exam, lab tests, nutrition and treatment for increasing results.


Dr. LundellBrandon Lundell, DC, NE, DABFM, Dipl. Ac. Meet the demand for lab interpretation and the implementation of comprehensive lifestyle, dietary, nutritional, and holistic treatment programs. If you want to treat people, not numbers, recognize red flags and change inevitable problems into solutions join Dr. Lundell as he explores the importance of lab work and functional medicine for the clinic. He will share how to successfully implement it all into your practice. Thyroid health concerns, insulin resistance and nutritional pearls will be specifically covered in case studies of functional lab testing. Dr. Lundell, who has a waiting list of over six months, will share tips on how to expand your business with lab testing, while fulfilling a demand to get patients well by interpreting blood, urine, and saliva tests.
Curtis Turchin Curtis Turchin, MA, DC is considered one of the experts in the field of lasers for the treatment of acute and chronic pain. He has been using lasers for approximately 27 years. Dr. Turchin will be teaching new laser techniques that can re-energize your practice with the LZR7 4 watt laser. Laser technique for: improving nutritional utilization, chronic back & neck pain, frozen shoulder & impingements, sciatica, disc degeneration & much more.

BrandyBrandy Brimhall, CPC as CEO of Total Practice Resources, Brandy shares a wealth of experience in the area of increasing collections, coding, billing & documentation, along with general office systems and training. At Homecoming, she will be discussing all of the upcoming changes for coding, the impact this has on your practices and how to transition smoothly. Additionally, she will discuss other hot topics to the profession and address many of the common concerns practitioners have regarding cash flow and other practice systems.

DeweesMike Oliver is a Trading Partner Manager with insurance clearinghouse, Apex EDI. Crucial changes are impacting billing and claims submission systems in our practices. Mike is joining us at Homecoming to share some of this information, what it means to us and how we can help to keep our practices profitable and have seamless electronic billing systems. He will be discussing the following topics: Improving collections through managing claims reports, Electronic Health Records, (EHR) meaningful use criteria, 5010 claim format changes and effective billing of electronic claims
bodlingKevin K. Bodling, BS, DC, DACBN, DABCI, founder and president of Doctor’s Choice Professional Laboratory & Diagnostic Services, Inc. Doctor’s Choice is an international clinical laboratory services broker offering licensed health care practitioners an easy and convenient way to save up to 80% on clinical laboratory testing using some of the best laboratories in the world such as Quest Diagnostics. Doctor’s Choice is a “one-stop-shop” solution for obtaining the best prices and the best service on clinical laboratory testing. 
Dr. Brian AdnersonDr. Bruce Carrick
Bruce Carrick, DC & Brian Anderson, DC
Will be teaching advanced-advanced techniques in Spinal and Extremity adjusting, Percussion, Fascia, Instrument Adjusting, Cranio-Sacral, SOT, Kinesiology, Emotional and Stress Release and Advanced Nutrition. You may schedule a time for treatment in their workshops.