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Harmful Electromagnetic radiation from
• Power lines
• Electric blankets
• Household appliances
• Toasters
• Computer terminals
• Hair dryers
• TV

“Research Links Power Lines With Cancer”
-Reports Swedish Researcher at conference sponsored by U.S. Department of Energy and
Electric Power Research Institute

Effect of Geomagnetic Disturbances on Biological Function
For a number of years, scientists have been aware of the constantly changing magnetic fields
on the earth. They have been studying the impact on human health and behavior.
Local magnetic fields are altered during thunderstorms while fluctuating magnetic fields
from outer space (sunspots, solar flares, moon phases, etc.) episodically jar the earth.
When the sun flares jar the earth’s magnetic field they produce a higher rate of positive
magnetic energy to negative magnetic energy. When such invisible subtle changes in the geomagnetic
field occur…people develop symptoms.

Law enforcement psychiatric and emergency room workers will testify to the increased
number of people who become emotionally disturbed and require hospitalization during
such times.

In addition, researchers have noted an increase in heart attack rates during periods of geomagnetic
disturbance. The population so affected (either physically or mentally) at such times obviously
is at high risk…in a precarious negative-positive balance…pre-existing the incident.

New Health Threat

Another new environmental health threat appears to be looming on the horizon. It is the
threat of chronic-low level electromagnetic radiation from:

1. Power lines
2. Electric blankets
3. Household appliances
4. Computer terminals
5. Television sets and other electrical items

High TensionWires Increase Health Risk

In a research report in the American Journal of Epidemiology by Nancy Wertheimer, Ph.D.
and Ed Leeper, Ph.D.…they concluded that children living in homes near overhead electrical
wires carrying high current died of cancer at twice the rate as children living in homes near
low-current wiring!

Household appliances such as hair dryers and toasters can also produce strong magnetic
fields and pulsing frequencies. However, they do not constitute continuous exposure as they are
used only occasionally. On the other hand…electric blankets and electric dial-face clocks offer
chronic low-grade magnetic exposure. Other hazardous sources include TV and Video Display
Terminals, which often produce strong magnetic fields up to 1-2 feet from the screen.

Continuous Exposure to Low of HIGH Magnetic Fields Can Trigger Health Problems

Keep in mind that anytime an electric current is present there will be an associated negativepositive
magnetic field.

Prolonged simultaneous exposure to a low or high gauss strength of both magnetic fields
has been observed to be capable of producing positive magnetic field effects on biological

• Rashes
• Lethargy (sluggishness)
• Fatigue
• Nausea
• Dizziness
• Irritability
• Eye strain
• Illness
(Gauss is a unit used to measure magnetic density).
Thus, prolonged electromagnetic exposure can upset the magnetic balance (negative positive)
of the body disordering the bodies energy systems including brain function.

The TOTAL SHIELD is Designed to Correct These Problems

The TOTAL SHIELD is composed of two separate electronic generators. 1. One is the
detector that picks up the frequency of the Geomagnetic disturbances and GRID LINES and
broadcasts them back out through the TESIA COIL at phase shift 180 degrees, thereby canceling
out the disturbance. 2. The other is the 7.83 frequency generator. This, incidentally, is the
Earth’s resonant (or reechoing) frequency. This is crystal controlled with absolute accuracy and
stability. It will blanket an area of approximately 20,000 square feet.

However, where electromagnetic pollution is severe…like near high voltage power lines and
TV and Radio towers…it may take more than one TOTAL SHIELD to overcome the severity
of the pollution. And, of course, this is where it is needed the most.

According to some electrical engineers, TOTAL SHIELD will also strip radiation pollution
from your body. Some studies have shown that electromagnetic pollution can cause serious
illnesses such as cancer, brain damage, arthritis, and other diseases.

Swedish researchers issued a Report on September 20, 1992. In this news release scientists
said they discovered that children exposed to even relatively weak magnetic fields from power
lines developed leukemia at almost four times the expected rate. The study was made looking at
500,000 children and adults who lived near transmission line.

Richard M. Loughery, Director of Environmental Activities for the Edison Electric Institute,
said, “Something is out there that cannot be explained away.” Another study, conducted by
Sweden’s National Institute of Occupational Health, found that men exposed to similar magnetic
fields at work had 3 times expected incidence of leukemia.

TOTAL SHIELD is designed to interrupt and eliminate grid lines, geomagnetic,
electromagnetic standing waves, extremely low frequencies (E.L.F.), and other harmful waves.

What Others Say About “TOTAL SHIELD”

Paris, France
“I wanted to let you have my reactions to your TOTAL SHIELD, which has been up and
running for about a week now, in the same room as my computer, which is the room next to
where the TV set stands.

“I am decidedly less fatigued now from working long hours at the computer. The difference is
striking. Before I felt debilitated…in addition to the normal weariness that comes from
extended concentration, and that sensation had disappeared. I also got some effect with respect
to the TV set. I could habitually take no more than one hour of TV watching without feeling
worn down…but the other evening, I spent nearly three hours in front of the idiot box with my
friend, without ill effect.”

From a dairyman, U.S.A.
Since using TOTAL SHIELD, he reports that milk production has risen and the percentage of
cream in his milk has also dramatically increased. He uses three TOTAL SHIELDS because
his barn is large.