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August 2, 2021 - August is Immune Month


August 2, 2021 Puzzle Piece



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With all the craziness in the world today,

it has never been more important to give your immune system a boost!

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optimal defense

Optimal Defense

Optimal Defense contains many powerful ingredients proven to help support the body's own immune system. Additional herbs and enzymes act as antimicrobials to further assist the body in its defense against viruses, fungus, and pathogenic bacteria. Give your immune system the boost it needs to combat the flu, colds, and other highly contagious illnesses. Optimal Defense includes colostrum, echinacea, beta glucan, and DDS-1 lactobacillus acidophilus. These ingredients have been proven to help support and strengthen the immune system. This formula also contains a remarkable immune complex. It consists of various herbs and enzymes that act as antimicrobials to further assist the body in its defense against viruses, fungus, and pathogenic bacteria.

optimal whole c

Optimal Whole C

Optimal Whole C is the first true whole food, high potency dose Vitamin C product ever developed. It contains no synthetic ingredients and is not processed, thereby providing the safest, most natural, and nutrient-rich supplement of Vitamin C available. Derived from only raw fruits and vegetables, it ensures your body gets vitamin C the way nature intended. It contains all four parts of the vitamin C complex: ascorbic acid, rutin, J&K factor, and bioflavonoids. Vitamin C has been proven to boost and support a strong immune system.

optimal flora plus

Optimal Flora Plus

Research has uncovered the link between probiotics and illness. Probiotics, especially in children, can come in and provide the stimulation that young and undeveloped immune systems need to become healthy and strong. The gut is your second immune system, child or adult. This is the only probiotic formula formulated with all 9 strains of flora that are patent-proven to withstand the acidity and temperatures that destroy most flora supplements. The ingredients nutritionally help with boosting immunity, upset stomach, fatigue, frequent colds and flu, and sensitivity to dairy products.

opti immune vrl


Opti-Immune-VRL contains nutrients, herbs and predigested glandulars that research shows nutritionally supports your immune system. The thymus, parotid, lymph nodes, spleen, bone marrow, skin, and tonsils all play essential roles in supporting immune system integrity. The active “soldiers” that maintain immune system activity include specialized white blood cells, lymphocytes, phagocytes, killer T-cells, antibodies, interferon, and lactoferrin. Opti-Immune-VRL contains a special blend of nutrients that help nutritionally support the elimination of viruses.

essential resveratrol

Essential Resveratrol

Resveratrol is a polyphenol naturally found in the skin of red grapes, certain berries, and other plants. Recent research has shown that Resveratrol can help to support healthy cardiovascular function. Resverarol is best known for its cellular anti-aging properties, as well as for its ability to promote a healthy response to biological stress. This nutrient helps support a healthy immune system.


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John W Brimhall, DC, BA, BS, FIAMA, DIBAK
Doug Grant, BS, ACSM

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