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May 3, 2021 - Tactile Vibration Utilizing the The ReVibe CHAIR with BrainTap


May 3, 2021 Puzzle Piece

Tactile Vibration Utilizing the The ReVibe CHAIR with BrainTap

One of our associations to promote Health and Wellness around the world is with Patrick Porter, PhD and BrainTap.  If you are not utilizing this brain balancing procedure, I use daily, I highly recommend you investigate it further.  We have a wonderful person, Shawn Bean, from BrainTap that assists us/you in all ways to procure, utilize or market BrainTap in your practice.  Call or email her for any information on the technology or tools necessary at 336-906-9692; [email protected]

Dr Porter utilizes The ReVibe Chair at our seminars to accomplish advanced treatment with the BrainTap and vibration at the same time. I asked its developer, Dr Branan Dewees, to explain the science and mode of utilization for our home or office.  I have one in my office and utilize it personally and with patients.

55 - Theta Wellness (57 of 82)

The ReVibe Chair utilizes specific background neurological beat patterns that the brain will sync with.  The neurological beat patterns start fast to match the busy brain then slow down, which causes the brain waves to slow down through the “frequency following response.”  Decreasing the brain waves calms the person into a brain state known as alpha then theta and with some sessions delta (sleep).  The brain, while in a high beta or stressed, sympathetic, state, is bathed in stress hormones.  Once the brain slows down, the stress hormones dissipate, and the healthy happy hormone serotonin is released (parasympathetic)The Alpha and Theta brain state slows the heart rate and allows for more creative problem solving as well as a heightened ability for the body to digest food and heal itself.

54 - Theta Wellness (54 of 82)

The beat patterns are played through headphones and the ReVibe Chair simultaneously and are felt in every cell in the body, as well as visualized with the eye lights (when using the Brain Tap light and sound headset).  The utilization of Vibration, Light and Sound engulfs even the busiest of brains, causing brain wave relaxation and stress reducing patterns.

The beat patterns played through the headphones are barely perceptible, yet strong enough for the brain to recognize and sync with.  The same musical or spoken (guided visualization) sound signals, coupled with the background neurological beat patterns are put through an amplifier directed into the chair’s cushion.  Here they are received by several individual vibration generators.  Once the signals reach the vibration generators, they are converted into Kinetic Energy, so the brain and body feel the spoken word or music selection along with the beat patterns.  This vibratory experience of the spoken word allows the message to travel up the spine and into the brain stem where it meets the RAS (Reticular Activation System).  One third of the brain stem is dedicated to deciphering and directing vibration.  The importance of having a guided visualization go through the RAS is: This light tactile vibration gets stored into the subconscious and can be utilized in times of stress.  You can use the guided visualization, which is felt as a moderate vibration as we want to keep the brain engaged in the visualization process.
The BrainTap music-only selections utilize a stronger vibration, as the deeper vibration has a grounding effect on the busy brain.  Vibration is also carried to the brain by large nerve fibers and tend to override the sensory, smaller diameter, pain fibers to reduce pain.  Vibration has an overall calming effect upon the nervous system as well.  The eye lights in the Brain Tap, when used with the ReVibe Chair system, help to complete the overall effect as the lights are encoded to go along with the neurological beat patterns.  This is important since the visual cortex takes up more real estate in the brain then all the other four senses put together, thus, filling the brain with the relaxing beat patterns.

I have personally found the Brain Tap system and their way of pairing the blinking eye lights (Isochronic tones) to match the Binaural auditory beats work very well with the ReVibe Chair to help complete the full mind/body experience.   Healium relaxation virtual reality sessions also have an extra sense of realness when vibration is paired with it.

When a person focuses mentally for long periods, the brain releases stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol.  The brain then becomes foggy due to the brain’s energy producers (Sodium Potassium pumps) going out of sync.  Using this technology, a person’s brain goes from a high critical thinking and a stressed frame of mind, Beta, down into Alpha or Alpha/Theta. The stress hormones then dissipate and are replaced by Serotonin, which allows the brains sodium potassium pumps to go back into synchronization. Some people report that even though it may be 3:00 PM their mind is working as though it is 10:00 AM after a ReVibe session. 

All the Brain Tap selections, guided visualization or musical, take a person into the various brain wave patterns.  Alpha the wakeful relaxed zone, then Theta, deep healing begins, creativity/intuition and super learning heightens and healthy sleep into delta
With the auditory, vibratory, and visual all getting the same beat patterns, even the busiest of brains will yield to relaxation.  This is known as the “Relaxation Effect” and a people often notice:
  • More creativity
  • Decreased heart rate
  • Sense of “well-being”
  • Decreased anxiety
  • More connected with self
  • Rested
  • Calmly energized
  • The ability to make better choices
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Yours in Health and Wellness,
John W Brimhall, DC, BA, BS, FIAMA, DIBAK

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