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January 18, 2021 - Homecoming Report and Current Research


January 18, 2021 Puzzle Piece

Homecoming Report and Current Research

Brimhall Homecoming had and incredible turnout, even with all the restrictions and quarantines. We had 150 there and another 50 on Livestream.  It appears, Optimal Health Systems was the only supplement company to create any organized gathering. Everyone who attended in person or streamed the seminar was part of something great.  They took part in keeping the positive healing energy flowing to their hometowns and to the rest of the world.
We look forward to hearing about your miracles. We saw miracles in Thursday night treating and throughout the weekend.  What became apparent was our Master Mind group with Dr Marc Harris, Doug Grant and Drs John and Brett Brimhall has spread to thousands of doctors around the world and will continue to grow with enthusiasm. 
New research was presented on the need for a correct biome.  We now understand it is a most important part of our overall and immune health.  Doug Grant said, “My secret to landing contracts with sports teams over the years was a very specific flora blitz regimen. It was the secret sauce. I always talked about digestion, blood work, and nutrients, but a flora blitz was what enabled me to help athletes’ other nutritionists couldn't help.
“When I had a reputation built up, I started teaching about this flora concept to the public. It was the difference-maker for people achieving success with losing weight, staying on healthy eating plans, fixing cravings, and overcoming conditions.”
“People would struggle to overcome the ill effects or antibiotics, anesthesia and surgery when left to their own devices. Their friendly bacteria were destroyed. They never felt 100% better. I’d give them a flora blitz and they’d finally get better, feel better, finally lose weight and more.”
“That’s what people ask me: what’s the number one thing I can do to feel better? I tell them to take the 21-Day Blitz Challenge.”
This challenge covers two main things:
  1. Better digestion
  2. Creates a healthy gut
You’ll finally feel better and improve your health if you’re digesting everything properly, and your gut microbiome is flourishing with friendly bacteria. You feel better because your body is producing more serotonin. 90% of serotonin production happens in the gut.
Unhealthy Guts Are the Norm Currently
Therefore, this is the ultimate time to go onto the 21-Day Blitz Challenge. Out of any time of the year, we’re coming out of the time people are eat the worst. Even healthy people often eat junk food over the holidays.

Success Is In the Details
There is true story about a guy digging for a gold vein and quits after digging hundreds of feet. Then someone else comes along, digs three more feet, and finds the gold.  That is often what happens: people quit right before hitting success. People will eat healthier and start exercising, but before the full benefits kick in, they quit. This is often triggered by feeling a little bit worse with initial detoxification.
The body seeks Homeostasis or a place of balance. We as humans crave balance. When we get in the habit of eating junk food all the time, it becomes our new homeostasis.  When we are correcting bad habits, it will seem out of balance for a time.   Even an alcoholic can feel worse when they quit drinking alcohol. They fell out of balance/homeostasis. To heal, sometimes you must feel worse before you feel and get better with a new healthy homeostasis.
Knowing all of this, OHS created the 21-Day Blitz Challenge.
Learning from the Probiotic Guru
At Homecoming Doug mentioned his mentor the late Dr. Khem Shahani, an expert on probiotics who was way ahead of his time. He has over 300 peer review studies on his life’s work showing which bacteria you need in different sections of your gut, and what they do. Doug spent 21 years working with Dr Shahani, who assisted in creating the blends for Flora Blitz 100, Flora Plus, and the 21-Day Blitz Challenge.

Flora-Blitzflora_plus 221-Day-Blitz-Challenge-for-web 2
He even talked about the gut-brain axis decades before it was accepted and became mainstream information. What he explained was the bacteria in your gut have a direct line of communication up to the brain, separate from everything else--the gut-brain axis. It is an actual physical line called the vagus nerve.  The vagus nerve travels from the gut, through the stomach, up the larynx and into the brain. It is an actual system separate from everything else. That gut feeling is a real thing. This understanding gives the gut-brain axis a whole new meaning.
These bacteria tell your brain what your body is craving. Many times, what these bacteria want is not good. They are like little kids. If you give them candy, they want more candy. One detail about unhealthy food cravings is how short lived the pleasure is. If you feed them healthy foods and nutraceuticals, they want more healthy foods.  These bacteria will manipulate your eating habits.
90% of serotonin is made in the gut. If your gut is happy and healthy, you feel happy and healthy. Friendly bacteria determine the amount of serotonin produced. The gut and how you treat it is everything to your physical and emotional wellbeing.    
A Few Snippets of Research
Probiotics have been shown to eliminate depression and anxiety and have even been shown to alleviate ADHD.  When people experience anxiety, we need to add the correct bacteria.  OHS’s probiotics have the correct bacteria for the Large and Small Intestines.
Some bacteria make B vitamins, which become deficient during periods of anxiety. Other bacteria make lactase, another section makes antibiotics, and others play a major role in immune function, and the list goes on and on. Each of the bacteria have different jobs. There are thousands of research studies showing that the bacteria in your gut determine what you crave. Just google “bacteria and cravings studies.”   The answer to many problems may be Flora Blitz 100, which contains all nine core strains of probiotics needed and in the correct amounts.
So Why 21 Days?
Taste buds live only 10 days. During the 21-Day Blitz Challenge, you go through two sets of taste buds, so on that 21st day--whatever you have eaten over those 20 days-- becomes a habit.
Stay off all the unhealthy foods for 20 days, on that 21st day, it’s now a programmed habit. That third set of taste buds now craves good healthy choices.  One interesting detail of this challenge is the checkoff list you do daily. This is a critical part of the approach to breaking bad habits.  Physically checking off the list each day is the difference between great success and mediocre results.
The 21-Day Blitz Challenge should be everyone’s starting point to break the unhealthy cycle and feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally. Do this 21day reset.
Why OHS Probiotics Over Anyone Else’s
You used to have to buy refrigerated probiotics. You don’t have to do that with our patented blend. It is stabilized to survive the acidity of the stomach, body heat, and the rigors of production, shipping, and being on the shelf.  Thanks to Dr. Shahani, our probiotics are robust and get absorbed. We also take it one step farther by feeding the probiotics as they make the journey into the gut.
This kit utilizes 100 billion CFU of friendly flora to reprogram your cravings to desire healthier foods and strengthen your mindset by encouraging the release of serotonin.  The kit also includes Optimal 1 Digestion, a convenient pill pouch, drawstring bag, and a booklet that guides you through seven life-changing rules that can transform your health for life.
This powerful product delivers a surge of healthy bacteria to kill off the bad bacteria triggering the unhealthy cravings, along with creates a blank microbiome slate. This allows you to jump back on the healthy food wagon and give yourself a chance to develop permanent, healthy dietary habits.
Get the 21-Day Blitz Challenge

  Yours in Health and Wellness,
John W Brimhall, DC, BA, BS, FIAMA, DIBAK

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