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January 4, 2021 - Nutritional Support to Prevent or Heal from COVID-19

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January 4, 2021 Puzzle Piece

Nutritional Support to Prevent or Heal from COVID-19

With constant research on COVID-19, we know what nutrients are effective and can help to defend and promote recovery. Scientists and doctors from all sides of the “Health Arena” agree that certain vitamins, minerals, herbs, and specific foods help protect, prevent and support the recovery from COVID-19.
Some the most consistent and complications, signs, and symptoms of COVID has been severe reactions of the lungs and an immune system overreaction.  People lose their digestion, taste, and smell, demonstrating the brain stem is being affected and Zinc is highly involved and is markedly deficient with the present condition.
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I personally take every day of Opti-Immune-VRL, a proprietary and synergistic formula that contains a blend of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, herbs, and glandular aids that research shows support the reduction of viruses and bacteria, while boosting and balancing the immune system.
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I take Optimal 1 -Digestion to allow that system to heal and repair three times per day.  I take DAK1K2 to give adequate D, A, and the K’s, along with Essential Zinc, which is critical in thyroid function, digestion, healing and necessary in 20 % of all the enzyme systems in the body.  I also take two Optimal Flora. OHS makes the Flora Blitz for proper pre and probiotics, which helps restore the compromised digestive and immune system.

optimal_flora_plus_sm 2Flora-Blitz
Probiotic Blend - 80% of immune function happens in the gut. OHS’s patented, stabilized probiotic blend delivers 20 billion CFU of friendly flora to repopulate the gut. This guarantees any bad bacteria that made it past your stomach, are seriously outnumbered. With the microbial battle in the good guys’ favor, your army of friendly flora can help eliminate what is making you sick.
When you have a healthy gut, you will have a strong intestinal barrier to protect against invaders, including antiviral activity by the good and friendly bacteria stimulating and balancing the immune system.

I take Opti-Lung to support the lungs, which helps protect some of the most severely attacked tissues in COVID-19.  One also must test for Adrenal Exhaustion in all patients; and especially those that may be fighting for their health and possibly their life.  I use Opti-Adrenal at one twice per day.  This also helps to modulate the immune system to allow for healing and repair, as compared to overreaction and possible shutdown or autoimmune reactions.

I take 2-4 Brazil Nuts per day to elevate the needed selenium for health and healing that complement the daily intake of zinc and vitamin D I am supplementing.
Yours in Health and Wellness,
John W Brimhall, DC, BA, BS, FIAMA, DIBAK


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