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June 22, 2020 - Support Your Brain to Shape Your Future


Support Your Brain to Shape Your Future

June 22, 2020 Puzzle Piece

COVID-19 has changed the way we do business.  Right now, many in the world are having to adapt or find a new job.  As clinicians, we need to be aware and possibly act quickly on emerging trends like virtual clinics and to stay focused on our goals, without getting emotionally overwhelmed.  This is the age of reinventing oneself without losing faith, and while holding on to purpose in our life.
Reinventing our clinics may mean training for skills we never thought we would need, like creating virtual services.  Far too many doctors do not have a good email marking system or social media presence. In June’s Super Seminar, marketing expert Braven Grant will cover the Three Core Principles that successfully execute a social media and email campaign without working you into the ground.
For those of you who registered before the COVID-19 attendance cap, we eagerly anticipate hearing about your results.  For those of you who don’t get to be there, may be a lesson on acting fast when opportunity knocks. There will be other chances to learn how to set up a thriving virtual clinic.  Call OHS at 1-800-890-4547 to learn about future opportunities and support...
New skills aside, this year has tested our current coping ability.  We are finding out who is mentally strong, who is staying steady through hardship and who keeps plugging away despite uncertainty.
Still, things might be feeling harder and harder as the weeks of quarantine and riots pile up.  Stress burns through a myriad nutrients in the entire body and especially fatigues your adrenals. This can leave us mentally and physically exhausted.  At this point, we and our patients are probably in dire need of all “Six Steps” support, such as mental, physical, nutrients, detoxification etc. pick-me-ups.
Start of course, with Opti-Adrenal.OptiAdrenal_sm Then utilize the potent nootropic formula Opti-Brain.optibrain_sm Its ingredients have not only been proven to perk your brain up; they have also been proven to help people break past cognitive limits and achieve new levels of brain power.
The Core Brain-Boosting Ingredients
Opti-Brain contains the big three: omega-3 fatty acids, flavonoids, and vitamin E, in addition to so many more research-backed nutrients in therapeutic doses.  The older you are/feel and the more stress you have experienced, the more your brain needs these nutrients.
BACOPA HERB has been shown to have both short-term and long-term use effects.  In the short-term, it boosts brain health, focus, and attention, along with lowering anxiety, depression, and regulating dopamine. It has been used in the past to treat memory loss and ADHD.
CHOLINE is an essential nutrient that turns into acetylcholine, the learning neurotransmitter improves, which leads to improvements in memory and mood.
DMAE is the building block for acetylcholine.  Without it, your body would not receive signals in the brain or nervous system. It pairs very well with choline.
HUPERZINE A inhibits an enzyme that degrades acetylcholine.  This defense boosts a wide range of functions, including mental clarity, concentration, information retention, and neuroplasticity (meaning your neurons keep on forming new links) by increasing acetylcholine levels in your brain.
L-THEANINE is an amino acid extracted from green tea leaves.  It quickly increases dopamine and serotonin levels, helping you generally feel happier. L-Theanine has the rare ability to cross the blood-brain barrier, meaning it gets directly into your brain.
L-TYROSINE has been proven to help fight symptoms of depression while improving mood, focus, and energy.  It might be the answer needed to find motivation and to dissipate a dark cloud looming over a person.
In Summation: Opti-Brain is Nutritional Support for Mental Agility
It assists one to break free of cognitive limits with the most potent nootropic ingredients and enhance concentration, memory, learning, and focus.  We have closely analyzed over 60 years of neuroscience research and you can reap the benefits.
Opti-Brain is possibly the most powerful nootropic available and contains nutrients that are proven to:
  • Improve mental clarity
  • Boost ability to focus
  • Increase alertness
  • Raise intelligence
  • Boost awareness
  • Boost memory
  • Increase energy
  • Improve mood and neuroplasticity
Other Supplements Great for Your Brain
More and more scientists are referring to the gut as “the second brain.”  Researchers have discovered microbes produce almost every neurotransmitter found in the human brain, including serotonin and dopamine, your feel-good chemicals.
We also know that gut bacteria communicate with the brain in three ways: 1) send signals up the vagus nerve, 2) influence immune cells in the gut, and 3) produce chemicals that affect the brain and travel in the blood.
Flora Blitz 100 delivers a surge of healthy bacteria to kill off the bad bacteria that may be triggering the unhealthy cravings and habit of bad thoughts.  This allows you to get on healthy foods and create a positive mindset.
Living in uncertain times may be triggering depression and/or anxiety.  A growing body of clinical data is further elaborating potential connections between stress, depression and mitochondria, a report in Biological Psychiatry said.
Dysfunctional mitochondria decrease the pool of available ATP, which is believed to have detrimental effects on signal transduction pathways, dampening activity in neuronal circuits, and interfering with mitochondrial function.  This negative cascade is correlated with the development of depression. Consider

daily support with Opti-Mito-Forceopti_mito_force_sm and some patients test for Opti-MagnaSTEMopti_magna_stem_sm instead of or in tandem with Opti-Mito-Force.
Dr. Marc Harris’s Essential D-Ribose is a non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free source of D-Ribose that helps enhance ATP energy production.  Supplementing with D-Ribose has been shown to help protect your cells and improve ATP energy production, giving you a boost of energy to combat stress.  It has been shown to help circumvent an enzymatic step in replenishing ATP levels in the cells.  Dr Harris has done extensive mitochondrial testing and found D-Ribose with Opti-Mito-Force to be the most effective combination in mitochondrial resuscitation and energy production.  He presented his research findings a couple years ago at the Brimhall Homecoming 2018.
Another consideration is the average blood serum levels of vitamin D have dropped over the past decade to the point that, according to a recent study, 77-90% of Americans have insufficient amounts.  Hundreds of studies have confirmed its multiple roles in head-to-toe health, including mental health.
Utilize Optimal Longevi-D-K2optimal_longevid_sm or DAK1K2dak1k2_sm instead of taking a synthetic form of Vitamin D or CoQ10. With OHS formulations, you now have the ability to supplement with whole food nutrients assembled in the most absorbable and usable way, just as nature intended.  The ingredients in the above vitamin D formulations have been proven to help correct vitamin D deficiencies and a lot more, which in turn can help a person to find mental balance. 

Yours in Health and Wellness,

John W Brimhall, DC, BA, BS, FIAMA, DIBAK

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