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April 1, 2020 - What You Can Do With this Corona Situation


What You Can Do With this Corona Situation

April 1, 2020 Mid Week Puzzle Piece

Hello Doctors,
Dr Harris, Doug Grant and I have recorded two webinars for insights on what to do in preventing and helping the body in case of a virus.  If you have not watched them, please go to, under Seminars-Webinars and review them.  You can also go to YouTube and type in Brimhall Protocol, where most of our webinars are posted.  One of them was named COVID – 19 pandemic, which is summarized below in Doug’s video.
Above and beyond that, we deeply care about you, your family, clinic, and your patients. We understand the heavy stress you are under and want to make sure you can continue to serve your patients and bring in revenue, EVEN if the government shuts down your normal practice and life’s activities.
We have decided to start in the trenches to help you find solutions.
Our entire staffs have been working furiously on creating a protocol, for you to prescribe to your patients, that is holistic and includes all of the things people loved from the webinar.  
Doug Grant has condensed the information in the video below where he explains the “Immune Support Bundle” that will protect your families and patients’ health (with loads of peer-reviewed research citations) and boost your clinic’s financial health in these complicated times.
Whether you practice limited hours, full time or not at all during this outbreak, the program talked about in the video provides answers for all 3 scenarios.  
Check out the video below and take advantage of the bundles while supplies last. We will beat the odds and thrive together….  
Give-m health,
Doug Grant, BS
John W Brimhall, DC, FIAMA, DIBAK
Marc Harris, MD, ND, PhD3


Ps: We are finally back in stock with our Creatine Nitrate product Opti B.F.F. but it is going extremely fast due to the latest research (remember that nitrates stop corona virus replication).....

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