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March 25, 2020 - Opti-Immune-VRL on Backorder, Opti-Mito-Force to the Rescue


Opti-Immune-VRL on Backorder, Opti-Mito-Force to the Rescue

March 25, 2020 Mid-Week Puzzle Piece

We’re grateful for the sheer number of patients we’ve been able to help in recent weeks in the battle against COVID-19. The challenge is that we’ve run out of Opti-Immune-VRL and it’s going to take three weeks to properly produce a new batch.  The amount of Opti-Immune VRL that normally sells in six months, sold in three weeks.
Right now, all those pure, potent ingredients are undergoing our patented fermentation process to make them even more highly bioavailable and pack a huge punch in each capsule.
In the meantime:  There’s still something you can do nutritionally to protect yourself...
We highly recommend using the Pre-Digested and already Fermented Opti-Mito-Force opti_mito_force_sm in its place. It contains a tremendous amount of virus-attacking and immune-building nutrients like curcuminoids from turmeric, antioxidants from grape seed/skin extract, alpha lipoic acid, selenium and a special form of pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ) to name a few.  These nutrients protect and build mitochondria and are as anti-viral as they come.
PQQ supports how well mitochondria function by extinguishing viruses and this formula contains the most potent form. Between high stress and the threat of illness, your mitochondria can benefit greatly from the nutrients in this nutraceutical.  Here is a flash roll info on PQQ and Virus protection.  I also put the link to the whole study in this article.
PQQ role in immunity:
PQQ regulates MAPk kinase activation and tyrosyl phosphorylation of ERK2 by production of CD4+T lymphocytes116 having immune response by interleukin-2, and growth factors reduced when T-cell proliferation occurs.117 When PQQ supplemented orally in nano-amounts alleviates the mitogens of B and T cells.118 PQQ treatment enhances IgA level, restores mass of GALT119 and induce immunity against bacterial or viral invasion,120 subsequent suppression by increased levels of proteins induced by IFN-β via iNOS, JAK1 and STAT1 signaling pathways (Table 7). PQQ was involved in phosphorylation of 1KKβ, p38 and nF-kB as a pre-inflammatory retort of macrophages121 increase the number of lymphocytes and CD8+cells (Table 3).19 Robust research should be conducted on clinical trials to estimate IL-6 and T lymphocytes to act as immune-suppressive agent.
  Group ΑβTCR+ γδTCR+ CD4+ CD8+
PP Lymphocytes IG-STD-PN 2.07 ±0.21 0.10 ±0.02 1.68 ±0.17 0.49 ±0.08
IG-PQQ-PN 2.76 ±0.27 0.12 ±0.01 2.37 ±0.24 0.47 ±0.04
IE Lymphocytes IG-STD-PN 1.24 ±0.41 0.24 ±0.05 0.58 ±0.23 0.94 ±0.02
IG-PQQ-PN 0.75 ±0.13 0.22 ±0.06 0.36 ±0.10 0.65 ±0.12
LP Lyphocytes IG-STD-PN 1.12 ±0.20 0.28 ±0.06 0.53 ±0.07 1.05 ±0.22
IG-PQQ-PN 0.83 ±0.11 0.27 ±0.05 0.43 ±0.05 0.72 ±0.10
Table 3 Absolute lymphocyte numbers with added PQQ)120
There are myriad reasons to take this nutritional approach, but here are the main ones:
  • Increase specific antiviral antioxidants in system
  • Strengthen immune function via improved mitochondrial function and anti-viral nutrients
The antioxidant capacity of pine bark, grape seed and skin, and more, provides extraordinary defense against damage from oxidants and stimulates the growth of new mitochondria. This formula also contains superoxide dismutase building blocks, which help your body create more powerful antioxidants on its own that kill viruses.
Opti-Mito-Force contains an array of vitamins and minerals scientifically proven to help build immunity. In addition to PQQ, this formula includes ALA, B vitamins and trace minerals like selenium that create synergistic nutrients your cells absorb and utilize quickly.
Dosing: Take 1 capsule two times daily, or as directed by a health professional.  With the insults the body may be going through now, one three times per day would be prudent.
Please take this scenario as a lesson to be proactive and keep your medicine cabinet stocked with immune-boosting, illness-fighting nutrients found in products like Optimal Flora Plus, Whole C chewable, Oxy Pure and the Natural Z-Pak.

Yours in Health and Wellness,  
John W Brimhall, DC, BA, BS, FIAMA, DIBAK, Formulator and Patent Holder

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