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March 16, 2020 - Are You In For Our Six Step and Methylation G6 Certification?


Are You In For Our Six Step and Methylation G6 Certification?

March 16, 2020 Puzzle Piece

Dr. Harris, Doug Grant and I are looking for excellent health professionals who belong in our elite-functional-testing Certified group, called G-6.
I am going in front of thousands of potential patients on PBS, this May 15, to tell of the Miracles accomplished using the Six Steps to Wellness.  We need many more Certified 6 Steps and Methylation Doctors to refer to.  We get asked for doctors doing the protocols every week!
You just need to do two things to qualify for this elite certification:
  1. Get certified in Methylation Functional Testing at one of Dr. Harris’s Genetic Methylation seminars.

    Methylation is a vital metabolic process that happens in every cell and organ. We can’t live without it. Therefore, if there is a genetic SNP or nutritional deficiency, the body malfunctions. This can be an underlying cause of many dis-eases.

    Over the course of three days, you will learn about methylation, testing for related deficiencies, and the exact protocols that can change epigenetic expression.

    This is truly the most cutting-edge methylation seminar available. It gives you so much invaluable knowledge, to the point that we have followed up with a secondary methylation seminar (not part of G-6 qualification) that takes into consideration more complicated methylation SNPs, with solutions.

    After the basic seminar, you will receive everything you need for simple, practical implementation, the minute you return to your clinic, along with a certification of attendance.

  2. Attend the NEW 6 Steps to Wellness seminar

    6 Steps to Wellness features the functional testing method we have implemented and expanded for over 48 years and counting.  We have taught the “6 Steps to Wellness” to thousands of doctors worldwide.

    Over the course of two days, you will learn in-depth knowledge and simplified nutritional, structural, emotional, detox, electromagnetic and allergy/sensitivity applications for the top conditions you encounter in your clinic. This is the world-famous six step system.  .

    The information contained in this seminar has transformed the lives of patients and doctors worldwide. You also go home with free samples of the best products on Earth, a binder packed with related information you can use as a reference tool, and a certificate to hang up in your clinic.
If you are ready to earn your G-6 certification, then we’ll offer both seminars in one package deal.
Methylation (3 days) $395
6 Steps to Wellness (2 Days) $295
Custom-framed G-6 Certificate Priceless
Dinner with Formulators $150
Optimal Health Collective* Priceless
  Over $1,000
If you choose to act today and sign up for both seminars, we will drop the price to $500, saving you two hundred dollars but only if you commit to both at once. That’s over $500 in savings.
*SPECIAL BONUS - If you act quick and register for both seminars (no matter where and when you go), OHS will give you $50.00 in wholesale products which is $100.00 in profit once sold at retail.  This additional $100.00 profit when taken into consideration with the $200 discount already offered makes by training virtually FREE.  This deal will go away soon and so call OHS at 1-800-890-4547 to sign up today and I look forward to seeing you in person.
So, are YOU in?
2020 Methylation Tour Schedule
May 22-24 - Hermosa Beach, CA
October 23-25 - Chicago, IL
December 4-6 - Las Vegas, NV
2020 6 Steps to Wellness Tour
April 17-18 - Tempe, AZ
August 21-23 - Philadelphia, PA
Call Optimal Health Systems at 1-800-890-4547 to sign up today. We look forward to helping you, your clinic, and your patients!

Yours in Health and Wellness,  
John W Brimhall, DC, BA, BS, FIAMA, DIBAK, Formulator and Patent Holder
Marc Harris, MD, ND, PhD3 and Formulator
Doug Grant BS, Formulator and Patent Holder

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