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February 24, 2020 - 14 hour “Six Steps to Wellness” Course Objectives


14 hour “Six Steps to Wellness” Course Objectives

Course Title:                          “How to Clone a Successful Health and Wellness Practice”
                                                 Dr. Brimhall’s Six Steps to Wellness Protocol
Time Requirement:               14 Hours (with twenty-minute breaks, morning and afternoon)
Prerequisites:                         Licensed Practitioners, their Staff and Students
General Purposes (Goals) of Course:   
We are in the right profession at the right time.  Disease care is the fastest growing failing business in America.  People are demanding a whole person, holistic approach to healthcare.  The Chiropractic profession is best suited to give people the whole person approach to wellness.
Course Objectives:
  1. Health is truly a Puzzle Piece sometimes. The same symptoms, in different people, can come from different causes and dysfunctions.  We must treat the causes of dysfunction and not chase symptoms.  DC stands for Doctor of Cause, as well as, Doctor of Chiropractic.
  1. We have professional and ethical responsibilities as Doctors/Practitioners to use a whole person approach to health care and not disease care.  There are many causes of the vertebral subluxation and many causes of dys-function... We have identified 6 interferences to health.  Dr D.D. Palmer wrote, in the Chiropractic Adjustor, that he found subluxations and dis-ease were triggered by 1. Trauma, 2. Bad nutrition and 3. Emotional stress.  In my 48 years of practice we have demonstrated three more:  4. Electromagnetic Pollution, 5. Allergy/Sensitivities, and 6. Toxic Accumulation.
  1. These 6 Interferences, trigger subluxation complexes, dis-ease and dysfunction.  Our job is to identify which and how many of the 6 interferences are present in each patient.  We must reduce and remove, each of the active interferences through corrective actions at their causes and not the symptomatic expressions. 
  1. We will teach both static and motion evaluation and treatment of structure.  We will identify and correct vertebral subluxations, extremities, the craniosacral system, fascial deformations and other soft tissue involvement.  All the nervous systems are in the fascia, including the CNS, PNS, ANS and the Cutaneous NS.  The Acupuncture meridians are also withing the fascia. We will teach manual and instrument adjusting, that are easy on the patient and the doctor for correction of subluxations and global spinal change.  Spinal curve restoration and correction of discs in the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine will be taught.
  1. We will teach Practitioners to integrate nutrition into their practice by using effective patient evaluation and education tools and techniques.  We will discuss symptoms surveys, blood tests and reference to hair analysis for correct values, toxicities and deficiencies.  We will teach corrective measures, including specific nutrition, detoxification and fasting and dietary intervention.
  1. We will discuss the many types of stress and the many symptomatic expressions, with possible dysfunctions associated.  We will discuss multiple methods of reduction, including BrainTap, Color, Sound, Positive Point Therapy, etc.  
  1. We will do hands on teaching with class participants.  Diagnose the need, treat the positive findings and show the response of structural, nutritional, psychological stress, electromagnetic, Allergy/Sensitivity and Toxins. Demonstrate the percussor and adjustor in structural correction. 
  1. Show the importance of breath.  (Man can live days without water and weeks without food but can only live 3-5 minutes without breath.) We will demonstrate the protocol for correction and show improvement in breath holding.  For proper cell function you need glucose, oxygen and nerve supply.
     9. Summarize the class with Questions and Answers

Yours in Health and Wellness,
John W Brimhall, DC, BA, BS, FIAMA, DIBAK, Formulator, Patent Holder

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