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November 25, 2019 - Replay Of The Live ZYTO WEBINAR - Using Nutrition and Technology

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Replay Of The Live ZYTO WEBINAR - Using Nutrition and Technology


What is the best way to address nutrient needs of a patient?
This question has different answers depending on the doctors expertise, knowledge of tests and equipment available to do the testing and the potential dysfunctions the patient is experiencing.
The most accepted evaluation in the industry is blood testing.  We teach which tests are most informative and have computerized formats for your use.  We will cover this at Homecoming 2020 in AZ, January 17-19.
Hair analysis can also be very helpful and is incorporated in some of the computerized testing we implement.
Muscle Response Testing is very useful and we teach that also.  We will have workshops at homecoming taught by Dr Brett and myself, Dr john, along with Percussor, Instrument Adjusting, laser therapy, craniosacral and visceral manipulation etc.
We will discuss each aspect of the 6 Interferences and the 6 Steps to Wellness.
ZYTO and the iQ5 (ASA) are also wonderful instruments for patient evaluation and  treatment recommendations.
Accompanying this e-mail is the Webinar Dr Vaughn Cook did this month on use of the ZYTO for nutrient evaluation and recommendations.  He will be speaking at Homecoming, in January, and will have a ZYTO and an EVOX at the seminar for you to be tested.
I have utilized this type of technology for over 20 years to great success.  I use it every week now.
I estimate that well over 80% of the patients that come into your office are already taking supplements and are interested in nutritional evaluations and recommendations.  If you do not help them in this arena, they will go elsewhere.
Please watch and listen to Dr Cook on this webinar and at HOMECOMING.  He is a doctor of Oriental Medicine, with decades of applied knowledge.
In fact, I added up the amount of years of expertise represented in our 12 Speakers for HC 2020 and it is over 300 years.
So don’t take 300 years to figure it out on your own.  Come and bask in the knowledge, we are practically giving away!

Dr. Harris is speaking three different times covering types of fast, Growth Hormones, Ketones, Autophagy, Cancer, Inflammation, Chronic Disease, Nf Kappa Beta, Interleukin-6 (IL-6), Stress, Biotoxins, Heavy Metals, Chemical Toxins, Melatonin, Genetics/Epigenetics, Sleep, Heart Disease and Stroke.

Dr. Harris and Dr. Harper will teach a workshop on how to implement Integrated Medicine and demonstrate how to increase your own Stem Cells through Biologic Allograph Injections.  They will also demonstrate relieving chronic pain through cutaneous nerve injections.

Dr. Michael Johnson (Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist) will cover Integrated Medicine in his presentation.  He is the Author of four books and is a consultant for many successful practices.  He will also have a booth demonstrating the use of new technology that makes him over a million dollars a year.
Yours in Health and Wellness,
John W Brimhall, DC, BA, BS, FIAMA, DIBAK, Formulator, Patent Holder
Marc Harris, MD, ND, PhD, PhD, PhD, Formulator
Doug Grant, BS, ACSM, Formulator, Patent Holder

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