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December 31, 2018 - Dr. Harper will do Injections to Increase Stem Cells HC 2019

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December 31, 2018 Puzzle Piece

  Dr. Harper will do Biologic Allagraph Injections, which Increases Stem Cells, at Homecoming 2019 with a much reduced cost.
The Average cost for In Office Injections, is 2cc is $4,500.00 and most Doctors will charge $3,500.00 - $4,500.00 for 1cc.

Stem Cell Vial Injections at Homecoming Only
1cc - $900.00
2cc - 1,700.00

Call to Pre-Order your Vial Today If you want an Injection at Homecoming!
Phone: (866) 338-4883

Dennis Harper, DC
- Will teach Office Integration and increasing the Body’s own Stem Cells.  Dr Harper will use slides and demonstrations in evaluation and treatment of the body.  He has served chiropractic for many years defending chiropractors in malpractice claims. He will demonstrate and teach the procedures doctors need to do to prevent injuries to patient and prevent claims against them.
Diversified Biological Signaling Solutions, Inc. (DBS /DiversifedBio) is an authorized distributor of Utah Cord Bank (UCB) products, StemVive and Stemii.   Please see communication from Customer Service Department and CEO letter.  This communication is in response to the news coverage on “Stem Cells” and Liveyon product recall.

Dear Valued Customers,

In light of the most recent Liveyon (competitor) news coverage, UCB would like to clarify an assure you of the following. Please see our attached CEO's letter.
Many of our competitors who sell birth derived allograft products are venture capitalist groups, some foreign owned, who hire third party labs that purchase specimens from organ procurement organizations.  These labs rely on birth materials from other states, and sometimes even from outside American borders. Donor Eligibility requirements outside of this country often times do not meet U.S. equivalent standards.  When these labs ship the materials between multiple states, they have substantially longer transit times to the lab. This has been shown to reduce cellular viability and increase potential for bacterial contamination. 
Please rest assured Utah Cord Bank (UCB) has been in the cord blood banking and procurement industry for 15 years with a spotless record. UCB is owned and operated by a husband and wife team that includes the founding PhD of the company. They and their close staff personally recover specimens from local Utah hospitals. Donors are pre-screened for all relevant pathogen criteria and we even screen for high-risk lifestyles that can negatively influence cellular quality.
Average transit time from hospital to lab is 20 minutes, and average time from C-section birth to final product is 4 hours. The chain of custody involves less than 5 people. Additionally, the founding PhD is involved in every step of the recovery, processing and shipping of products. He personally developed the proprietary technology that enables the halting of apoptosis and maximizes cellular viability post-thaw.  In addition to viral testing over and above FDA standards, all UCB products are quarantined for two weeks after processing until a complete aerobic bacterial assay is completed (something Liveyon did not do).  Only after stringent testing is completed are our products released for patient use.  
Several of our competitors have received 483 citation notices from the FDA for deviations. When patient safety, cellular viability, and product quality are of the utmost importance, know that UCB leads the industry.


Homecoming 2019

2019 Brimhall Homecoming Event
January 3rd - 6th 2019
Tempe, Arizona

Call To Reserve Your Hotel Room - (800) 528-6481
Reference Group Code: BWS

[Book Your Room Here]

Click Here to View the Full Itinerary

Dr. John Brimhall Presents: BIOHACKING EXTREME 

This next annual 2019 Brimhall Homecoming will start your new year out right!
Doctor/Family Treating and Brimhall Certification begins Thursday, Jan 3rd from 6-8pm.
Classes and Workshops will start Friday, Jan 4th, 8am. This is the tip of the iceberg of what we will cover at Homecoming 2019:

  • Marc Harris, ND and John Brimhall, DC, Fiama, DIBAK Present
  • Upcoming 2019 Stem Cell Seminar Dates
  • February        22nd - 24th     Gilbert, Arizona
  • April               19th - 21st       Largo, Florida
  • June               14th - 16th      Las Vegas, Nevada
  • September      6th - 8th        TBD
  • November       1st - 3rd         Parker, Colorado
  • Times:  Friday: 3pm-7pm
                 Saturday: 9am-6pm
                 Sunday: 9am-1pm
    $1,500.00 Registration Fee per person
    $1,250.00 Injections: per Vial if you would like a treatment at the seminar.

Yours in Health and Wellness,
John W Brimhall, DC, BA, BS, FIAMA, DIBAK

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