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June 18, 2018 - Allergies/Sensitivities in Health, Wellness and Dis-Ease

Allergies/Sensitivities in Health, Wellness and Dis-Ease
June 18, 2018 Puzzle Piece

Allergies and Sensitivities are major part of the Six Steps to Wellness.  We developed a manual way of evaluating and desensitizing. 
The past ten years I have used the ASA/Qi-5 to do it rapidly, efficiently and with greater effectiveness.
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Qi-5 Scan & Balance System

An Entire Wellness System
Just imagine having this technology to quickly and efficiently talk to the body in 1 to 3 minutes and provides you with a wealth of information that you can then use with the system to help the body move back to balance and heal as it is meant to do on its own. The Qi-5 System is not a device, it’s an entire wellness system that fits neatly into your existing practice.

This component is where therapy starts and allows you to talk to the body to identify:
·    Which substances are negatively impacting the patient's health and what support is needed
·    The level of the neurological stress response to each specific substance.
·    Which organs, digestion, Immune, Lymphatic, and Endocrine Systems are under stress.
·    The Qi-5 uses an 8 channel process that assures you have very accurate feedback compared to most 2 channel systems with limited accuracy.
·    Identifies which supplementation is appropriate.
·    Scans over 30 product lines or add your own products or substances to the system library to be scanned.

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To get more info or purchase this unit, call Jason at 866-338-4883

Yours in Health and Wellness,

John Brimhall, DC, BA, BS, DIBAK, FIAMA

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