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April 16, 2018 - Digest or Die

Digest or Die

April 16, 2018 Puzzle Piece

2018 has already been a wonderful year full of groundbreaking research findings, including the discovery of the largest organ in the human body that’s been hiding in plain sight this whole time. MORE ABOUT THAT LATER…  Events like that can make us stop and question what we really know. Thankfully, we have learned some very important things, like following the laws of nature when it comes to taking care of human health.
One of those laws is that optimal health starts with what we eat. That’s obvious enough. What’s not so obvious is another law: it’s important to properly digest food or it becomes toxic substances and cause allergies and many other dys-functions.
This is a back-to-basics that is so easy to miss. It cannot be overstated. Digestion is something I’m constantly pushing to both patients and doctors to think about. A whole food digestive enzyme is one of the first formulas I partnered with Doug Grant to make over 20 years ago.  We have improved with continual research.  It is not what you eat only, but what is digested, assimilated and utilized.  Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes are critically important!
Digestion is Everything
Eating the cleanest macronutrient foods will not do you any good unless the foods are digested down to useable nutrients at the cellular level. The non-digestion of foods can cause simple issues, like bloating to severe disease states when larger molecules of undigested foods get into the bloodstream.  What could have been a food, now becomes potentially a toxin and can lead to many malfunctions and dis-ease.


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This digestion issue boils down to two basic and life-giving substances: enzymes and probiotics.
Enzymes are something that hardly anyone outside the nutrition field talks about. The truth is the general population should understand their importance even better than the need to eat enough fruits and vegetables every day. Without them, you’d die. They’re that important to your health. They’re overlooked because we live in a world that’s in the habit of treating symptoms, instead of the causes of dysfunction. Once you understand the basics of how enzymes keep you healthy, you can easily protect yourself from developing countless health problems, minimize trips to various doctors, and keep medical costs to a minimum.
Enzymes are minute protein molecules, naturally found in foods we eat. The catch is they’re contained only in raw, unprocessed foods. Anything cooked over 118º F destroys ENZYMES, including digestive enzymes. These protein molecules are catalysts that make possible the chemical reactions that digest our food and break it down to useable, absorbable nutrients. Enzymes are the life force that is found in foods and then transferred to our bodies to keep every system functioning optimally.
It has been estimated we have over 5, 300 types of enzymes in the body.  All are nutrient dependent in formation and function.  80% contain Magnesium and 30% contain Zinc.  Without digestive enzymes, the other life-giving enzymes can never be manufactured or utilized in the body.
The food we eat must be digested and the nutrients must be absorbed for them to provide the body with nourishment. Even if you eat well, all that nutrition does nothing for you if you don’t digest it properly.  In fact, it can cause further toxic reactions and deficiencies if left undigested. 
Absorb Everything
Having sufficient digestive enzymes is the first of three parts of digestion basics. The second part is absorption, which requires some help from your gut, specifically probiotics and a healthy gut lining.
Probiotics are friendly bacteria that surround your intestinal tract. They act as an immune defense mechanism, helping to keep the body disease-free and helping with the digestion and assimilation of nutrients into the bloodstream. Stress, chemicals, acidic foods, sodas and especially antibiotics found in both prescriptions and our food supply destroy our friendly flora.
It’s important to look at our dietary habits to make sure we’re not your own worst enemy when it comes to properly digesting food and absorbing the nutrients it has to offer.
Utilize Everything
The third player in the complete digestion of food is organic minerals. Enzymes break food down into manageable chunks, probiotics absorb the nutrients, and finally organic minerals not only play a role in activating digestive enzymes, they also help transport those nutrients to their final destination.  The OHS products contain these nutrients.
The role organic minerals play in digestion and health make it imperative to eat nutrient-rich meals and supplement with organic chelated minerals. The best way to achieve this is to eat raw, nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables and take OHS supplements.
The Takeaway
Lifestyle and nutritional habits leave almost everyone deficient in essential nutrients. Even with efforts of eating healthier, the facts show that our chemically laden and nutrient-deficient foods don’t provide everything our bodies need to reach optimal health. With inadequate nutrition, we lose energy, are more prone to disease, and can create reactions in our bodies that turn on fat storage sensors.
OHS Optimal 1 Digestion is the most complete digestion formula on the market. It contains a full array of plant enzymes, stabilized probiotics, and amino acid chelated minerals, covering all three stages of complete digestion for all food you consume.
Many of us need extra Probiotic support such as Optimal Flora, which has 9 different Probiotics to supply each part of the small and large intestine with proper nutrient dense support.
Call OHS today at 800-890-4547and get a list of the many non-GMO whole food, predigested nutriceuticals available!

Yours in Health and Wellness,
John W Brimhall, DC, BA, BS, FIAMA, DIBAK, Formulator and Patent holder.

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