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December 25, 2017 - HomeComing 2018: Instrument Adjusting and Fascial Percussion by Dr. John.

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HomeComing 2018: Instrument Adjusting and Fascial Percussion by Dr. John.
December 25, 2017 Puzzle Piece

The information, tools and techniques available to us are more than ever before.  It is an exciting time to be in healthcareEach year, Brimhall Homecoming presents to you not just the fundamentals but also the leading research, technique, and nutrition available.  Homecoming 2018 will not disappoint. Read on, to learn more about this up-and-coming seminar!

  “In the age of information, ignorance is a choice.” -Donny Miller. 

Dr. John Brimhall will be teaching Instrument Adjusting and Percussion Fascial Correction at Homecoming 2018.

We are having many inquiries as to what will be taught at February 2018 Homecoming.  I am going to teach what, where and how to use instrument adjusting with the ArthroStim and Adjustor.  I will show what, where and how to correct fascial, spinal, extremity, TMJ and cranio-sacral Percussion release.

I saw an ad where a DC was teaching instrument adjusting with an ArthroStim treating from C1 to S2.  He said this technique saved his life and mentioned who did it on him.  He was charging about $1,000 for his course because it included evaluation and treatment of the spine, extremities and cranio-sacral systems.

The doctor that treated him never took a course from me, nor Dr. Fulford, the originator of the percussion treatment.  The VibraCussor and Percussor were developed for these percussion techniques and others that were developed afterwards.  He must have watched my videos and deemed himself an expert!  Dr Fulford did not tape his events.  This new doctor was now the expert and charging three times more than I ever charge.  It is worth $1,000?  Absolutely!
I am the one that started doing (actually) C2 to S2 ArthroStim work continuously with breath in and breath out to make sure each of the associated points, along the Bladder Meridian, and the spine were in sink to balance the body.  You do not want to ever tap C1 forward as there are no posterior facets and you could cause serious complications driving the atlas anterior.  Misunderstandings happen when doctors take other people’s work without the understanding of what, why and how.

We adjust C2 to S2 to complement the FIVE FACTORS OF CENTRAL INTEGRATION, taught by Dr. Ted Carrick in his neurology classes.  The five are:

1. Muscles (spindle cells),

2.  Spine – Posterior Mechanical Facets

3.  Eyes

4. Ears Hearing

5. Ears Balance

Using the ArthroStim or Adjustor, with the narrow and the wide forks being best, makes sure each of the posterior facets are put into motion and subluxation free, while also tapping the bladder meridian, which is the longest of the meridians and, in part, transverses right beside and along the spine.  It connects to many organs and muscles by tapping these associated points.


Impac - Pro ArthroStim®

The eyes we balance with Eye Lights, Colored Glasses, EID or Eyes into Distortion, along with specific laser treatment.  We will demonstrate how you must test to put these problems on display, to allow for the body to recognize the neurological imbalance and allow for correction.  The body cannot fix what it does not know about.  Dr. George Goodheart said the body sometimes forgets to remember without help.

Eyelights and Color Therapy Glasses
The ears we balance with tuning forks in conjunction with the complimenting colored glasses.  Of course, how could someone else tell you what they do not know?  Why would they take credit for what they did not create, or learn with honor from the person that developed the technique like Dr Fulford, a true genius?
Tuning Forks
One of my associates and I are the only DC’s Robert Fulford ever let attend his Percussion classes.  The only reason he allowed us to attend was the Osteopath sponsoring him in Arizona, two different times, was a personal friend of mine. Dr Fulford stated he was saving his work for Osteopathy.  When he saw how I took to the work, “like a duck to water”, he said, “no more Chiropractors”.
I did not teach it until Dr. Fulford Passed away in his 90’s.  Since that time, we have taught thousands of physicians and assistants the step by step method Dr. Fulford created and the work Dr. Brett Brimhall and I further developed.  I give Dr. Fulford total credit for the development of the work with a percussion instrument.  It was by my request there are now two new instruments that have been developed to further the work Dr. Fulford started.


Impac - Pro VibraCussor®

I will teach the techniques we learned from Dr. Fulford and the techniques Dr. Brett and I further developed, using percussion.  I will teach percussion of the foot, leg, knee, hip, spine, wrist, elbow, sacrum, coccyx, TMJ, and cranio-sacral system.  We will also discuss muscle work and myofascialgelosis treatment Dr. Goodheart referenced.

I will teach the work we developed using instrument adjusting to correct hidden cervical and lumbar discs, the spine, hiatal hernias, extremity problems, foot subluxation/fixations, cranial/cranio-sacral, TMJ, adjusting in motion and in conjunction with laser at the same time.  We also developed an instrument adjustment, in conjunction with specific laser frequencies for scoliosis, which I will demonstrate if there is time.

I will teach these techniques Friday morning from 8-9 AM and then will demonstrate them further in my workshop Friday afternoon from 3-6 PM as I work on complicated cases.

Dr Brett Brimhall will teach these techniques to new doctors, therapists and CA’s in a separate room these basics and have time for practice and hands-on Friday afternoon from 3-6 PM in his workshop.

If you are not doing the full spine adjustment from C2 to S2, you are missing the whole point and the miracles this integration gives.  Instrument adjusting is dynamic, effective and easy on the doctor and the patient.

See You February 22-25, 2018 in Tempe, Arizona, for all this and more.  Nine of us will be treating Thursday evening the 22nd from 7-9PM, including Dr. Marc Harris.  Re-Certification, also from 7-9PM is being spearhead by   Dr Dov Widenbaum and Dr Scott Miner.  Visit for a complete lineup of topics and presenters that will take the stage in February!

As always, treatment times are scheduled in advance and limited to the time allotted for each treating doctor.  Call Jason at 480-964-5198 to register yourself and office staff as well as schedule your treatment time.

“If you keep your eyes open enough, oh the stuff you will learn.  Oh, the most wonderful stuff!”  -Dr. Seuss

These Are Some of the Presenters for Brimhall Homecoming 2018
Watch Their Pre-recorded Webinars Below


Intro to my practice and niche marketing Leverage of niche model Controlling your time Controlling your overhead Controlling your stress How to select the best niche Effective clinical results Number of potential patients "Wow" factor in treatment Popular niches.

There are few families that escape its ravages somewhere in the course of the extended family. It is a word natural physicians have to be careful to even say out loud. However, Dr Harris, being a ND, MD and having three PhD’s is giving a wholistic overview of causes, prevention and intervention from the literature. He is the only person I know that reads the literature daily (in three languages), remembers it verbatim and can collate it in his head.

This means providing services for all types of stressors--the trauma, the toxins, allergies/sensitivities, genetics and the patient’s thoughts. Most practitioners are great at one or two out but are not fully equipped to address the multiple pieces of the health puzzle. Many are exceptional at detoxifying the body, others deal well with physical trauma, but few address the patient’s thoughts. In this session, you will learn from Dr. Porter’s 30 years of running one the world’s largest self-help franchises systems that work and can even reprogram the DNA.

Stem Cells May Be Our Fountain of Youth
Learn about the nutrient that has over 1,000 studies showing it can stimulate the body to regenerate tissue and anti-age the body. You will also discover how this same nutrient can cause damage if it isn’t in its proper form. · See the research on all of the herbs and vitamins proven to boost the body’s ability to rebuild tissue at the cellular level · Find out what many clinics are doing to create a huge revenue source while helping patients with chronic conditions heal.

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See you at Homecoming 2018,

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The Presenters for Homecoming 2018

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Yours in Health and Wellness,

John W Brimhall, DC, BA, BS, DIBAK, FIAMA

John W Brimhall, DC, BA, BS, DIBAK, FIAMA

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