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January 22, 2018 - We must Free Our Brain and Body of Toxins

We must Free Our Brain and Body of Toxins

January 22, 2018 Puzzle Piece

The general opinion is as we age, we naturally suffer with memory loss, foggy brain, headaches, and fatigue. Maybe this is an accumulated reaction as opposed to normal aging.

A naturopath, Joseph Pizzorno, ND states in his book The Toxin Solution, that many of these symptoms can be controlled or eliminated with detoxification, proper diet, supplementation and nutritional support.

The author offers a four-pronged approach, that aligns with the same concepts as our “Six Steps to Wellness”.
  1. Understand where toxins are found and how they cause disease.
  2. Facilitate your detoxification systems to eliminate toxins quickly and safely.
  3. Follow intense detoxification procedures.
  4. Follow guidelines for a toxin-free life.
We recommend the homeopathic detox formulas Opti-Enviro Detox and Opti-Metals Detox formulas from OHS, which is Optimal Health Systems: (800-890-4547) to be taken daily.

Exposure to Toxins Can Create Brain Injury

Today you don’t have to be an industrial worker to be exposed to toxins that can cause injury to the brain. There are many kinds of ‘everyday’ toxins in the environment that can harm your brain and contribute to a “Toxic Brain”.

Some of the common exposures are:

• Fuels
• Mercury, lead and other heavy metals
• Drugs and alcohol
• Carbon monoxide
• Cleaning products
• Nail polish remover
• Mold
• Perfumes, Insecticides, Defoliates and Glyphosates, etc. 

Remember that the Gut is Your Second Brain

Dr. Pizzorno agrees with our assessment that all toxic accumulations are exaggerated with an unhealthy gut. He also explains why you should devote 60 days to getting your gut back on the track as part of a healing intensive program. You must improve digestion and gut bacteria to have good brain health. Lack of gut health contributes to weight gain, obesity, diabetes, anxiety, depression, and increased stress.

Without proper gut health, toxins will contaminate all the other organs and systems. The body cannot function properly if it is toxic. For instance, intestinal problems increase inflammation, causing a low-level fire that destroys your organs and increases risk for depression, worry, chronic pain and less-than-ideal cognitive health. Therefore, optimizing the “gut-brain axis” is critical to your physical and mental health.

Detoxification is beneficial when resetting our body for health and wellness, as well as for optimal brain health.  We also use and recommend Opti-Brain, which is a predigested whole food nutriceutical to support brain function, healing and repair.

Following all Six Steps to Wellness will help you get healthy and stay healthy.  We can start the journey by avoiding toxins as much as we can and detoxify continually. If you have struggled with your health, now is the time to act for your own health and well-being.  Here are some action steps:
  1. Optimal Flora Plus -  4 capsules 3x a day for two bottles, then two per day for life
  2. Optimal Digestion -    2 capsules 3x a day with meals for 60 days and then 1/meal always
  3. Muscle Rx - 5 capsules morning and night for 60-90 days
Muscle Rx has a patented form of Glutamine It is bound with magnesium and glycine making it a superfood for the gut.  These nutrients are an aggressive bowel blitz the re-inoculates the entire intestines with enzymes, probiotics and its main food glutamine. 
Reset and Repair Your Body That is Full of Toxins

•  Avoid toxins as much as possible.
• Strengthen and repair detox organs: the gut, liver, and kidneys.
• Support your body’s normal processes for excreting toxins with exercise, deep breathing, skin brushing, infrared sauna etc.
• Actively facilitate the release of toxins with the Opti-Detox formulas.
• Repair toxin- related damage through good diet and supplementation with whole foods and nutriceuticals.

We will go over this and other aspects at Homecoming 2018 on February 23-25.

See you there,

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Yours in Health and Wellness,
John W Brimhall, DC, BA, BS, FIAMA, DIBAK, Formulator and Patent holder.
John W Brimhall, DC, BA, BS, FIAMA, DIBAK, Formulator and Patent holder.

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