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October 23 2017 Puzzle Piece - Homecoming 2018: Office Integration, Regeneration and Organ Anti-Aging

 Homecoming 2018: Office Integration, Regeneration and
Organ Anti-Aging

October 23, 2017 Puzzle Piece



Homecoming 2018 is going to cover HEALTH CARE from an INTEGRATED APPROACH.  That means we will give you the latest techniques, nutrition and equipment if indicated, utilizing laser, genetics, mitochondria, degenerative causes, facts, figures, stem cell nutrition and Biological Allograph use, with statistics and solutions.
We will show you how to use allied professionals to maximize your results and your income if you choose.

Dis-ease does not have a single cause only.  There are six causes, triggers and mediators of dysfunction:

  1. Structure (spinal, cranio-sacral, extremity, fascia, acupuncture, organ or visceral etc.)
  2. Nutritional concerns with the latest research and advanced formulations and solutions
  3. Electromagnetic Imbalances from cell phones, power lines and acupuncture meridians
  4. Emotional Stressors and manifestations
  5. Allergies/Sensitivities
  6. Toxins from contaminated food, water, air, perfumes, insecticides, defoliates, makeup, glyphosates etc., etc., etc. With Detox solutions from several disciplines demonstrated.
Drs. Brett and John Brimhall will do hands on to improve and perfect instrument adjusting, e.g. the ArthroStim and Adjustor.  They will teach the step by step procedures of percussion as started by Dr Fulford, A DO.  The techniques, including visceral manipulation were further developed and expanded by the Brimhall’s.  Are you doing the procedures correctly or are you new to the techniques?  Both scenarios will be covered.  We will have both beginning and advanced classes, with workshops.

Imagine if you had a photographic memory and could study all the literature and remember it, being able to correlate, genetics, nutritional research, toxic exposures, solutions and dosages.  The genetic code is thousands of pages long.  What if you could remember all those pages and correlate the answers to the questions in understanding the code and its manifestations along the many pathways.

Marc Harris, ND has such a memory, that I don't know who, or what to compare it to!  He is too modest to tell his story but I am not.  He graduated from High School at age 7, college at 9 and before his 13th birthday he earned three PhD’s, a ND and a MD degree.  His has been Brimhall Certified for over a decade.  He has found the nutrition Dr Brimhall formulates and the techniques taught to be superior for his patients and his waiting list practice.  He finds the formulations contain what the literature documents is necessary and his patients substantiate their effectiveness.

Dr Harris has developed and will demonstrate a Test Kit to use in muscle testing to cut to the chase in genetic SNPs and dysfunction, along with supporting function of the methylation pathway.  He will elaborate on the nutrition and techniques it takes to yield optimal function, even with the genetic dysfunction of many patients.  He finds the OHS Nutrition to be superior in many cases with the synergistic blend, Whole Food and enzyme Predigestion components.

Doug Grant will cover the research behind and the indications of all the products, including the newly introduced Optimal LipoLean CLO, Opti-Brain, Opti-MagnaStem, Opti-Mito-Force etc. Remember, within two hours of no stem cells in your body, you would be dead.  Imagine everything in between zero and very few stem cells to keep you younger and vibrant.  Dr Harris postulates, with all his research, if you can increase numbers and effectiveness of the mitochondria, you have increased telomere length.  Think of that!

This is the tip of the iceberg of what we will cover at Homecoming 2018.

Please register early.  We have set the date as the last weekend of February to accommodate some of our new research and product development.  They are starting baseball Spring Training by this time and hotels fill fast in the Phoenix, Arizona area.  It has good weather when many other parts of the country are still very cold and wet.  So, you will have a good time.  Come early and stay late.

Yours in Health and Wellness,

John W Brimhall, DC, BA, BS, FIAMA, DIBAK

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