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October 9, 2017 Puzzle Piece - Genetic SNP’s, Toxic Burdens, Strange New Symptoms, Opti-Enviro Detox and Opti-methyl B By Wendy Meyer, DC

Genetic SNP’s, Toxic Burdens, Strange New Symptoms, Opti-Enviro Detox and Opti-methyl B
By Wendy Meyer, DC

October 9, 2017 Puzzle Piece
      Wendy Meyer, DC

Our office is located in the middle of Nebraska.  Seven years ago, we had a mild winter and the agronomist told the farmers to use twice the amount of chemicals.  One of our patients said that his neighbor used five times the normal amount.  Strange symptoms, new conditions and dis-eases have been increasing since that time.

As summer turns into fall, people in our area start have liver, kidney, and lung symptoms.  This year has been the most difficult.  Instead of just symptoms of toxicity, people started to develop other strange symptomatic expressions.  Patients started to lose their hair in patches.  One gentleman lost one entire side of his hair, and others have curly-Q shape hair loss, with most just having generalized hair loss.  Thanks to Dr. Marc Harris for his insights.  He stated due to the increased toxic burden and chemical poisoning it allowed a fungal infection, killing the hair follicle.  Opti-Enviro and Metal Detox helps to reduce the chemicals from the body, which allows treating the fungus more effective.


The other thing that I had never seen before in my office is cellulitis until recent years.  The first case was shingles, which resolved and then came back on other parts of the body as cellulitis.   We now have been treating it almost daily in our patients.  It is in all ages, the youngest patient was a 2 year old that started as a mosquito bite.  Another patient had a swollen, hot knee that she couldn’t remember doing anything to, but did go “tubing” down the river.   Any cut, bite, or scrape was suspect, and treated immediately. 

All of my patients receive the Brimhall Six Step’s protocol to great success.  We have found recently all required higher doses of the Opti-Methyl-B to boost the immune system and allow for a quick recovery.  
There are many problems with being Vitamin B deficient.  Vitamins B6, B12, and folic acid are needed to make a red blood cell.  If you have a genetic SNP for these, you don’t make red blood cells properly.  There are about 60 or more hemoglobin dependent enzymes in the body.  Some of these include the enzymes that convert your thyroid hormone to be active, boosting the immune system, detoxification pathways, and vaso-dilation of the arteries to get oxygen to the micro-system. 

Because of the increase in chemicals and pesticides, everyone’s vitamin B’s have been depleted.  This causes malfunction of the immune system with decreased function on one hand and Auto Immune upregulated conditions on the other.  Extreme fatigue is becoming an increasing problem in our area.  Young adults have been requiring 3 naps a day before they begin treatment.

If I treat with regular vitamin B complex, the conditions do not clear and may get worse.  Genetic testing can be expensive and hard.  I feel by using
Opti-Methyl-B, I am solving the B complex deficiencies and genetic SNP problems at the same time.  The results are demonstrating its effectiveness.

If you use non-methylated B’s, you will cause more malfunction, if there are genetic problems, which are very common. Some of the symptoms of a folic acid genetic SNP include trigger finger and calluses.  Regular B6 will cause morning sickness, kidney stones, digestive issues, and aneurysms.  This is a very small list of a huge problem.

One thing I have noticed, is if my patients are not taking enough of the Opti-methyl B, they can get a “healing crisis” as toxins are only partially processed.   I find all of the OHS Products to be effective due to their natural ingredients and pre-digestion.  It seems the Opti-Products, such as the B’s, Detox formulas, Brain, Adrenal, Opti Nitric, Mito etc. set a new standard never before achieved in my practice.
Wendy Meyer, DC

Yours in Health and Wellness,

John W Brimhall, DC, BA, BS, FIAMA, DIBAK

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