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August 7 2017 Puzzle Piece - First I formulated Total Brain, MaX Brain and Now Opti-Brain™

First I formulated Total Brain, MaX Brain and Now Opti-Brain™

August 7, 2017 Puzzle Piece
Every product I have formulated, which is now over 200, work and work very well.  I use a 5-step method of researching, testing and proving the product before it is released.  Now when I formulate for OHS, I have the experience of having created these successful synergistic nutrient blends and can now make them even better.  We have pushed new technology to the limit, using all whole food nutrients and predigesting them in plant enzymes, which increases their usability up to 300 % in the OHS line.
Every day, patients all over the world struggle with concentration, learning, or neurological disorders. People reach for caffeine, energy drinks, or prescriptions to fix the symptoms but not the cause. Real solutions lie with nurturing the brain, providing it with the nutrients it needs to form healthy neural connections and keep it fueled up all day and all night.
Opti-Brain™ - It’s been a long, incredible journey with creating this highly effective nootropic, full of pure, potent whole food ingredients that now exceed any formula I have seen or used.
Our Whole Food Cultured Media and Opti-Blend™ has set a new standard for nootropics. We’ve even done extra analysis on over 60 years of neuroscience research before finalizing the formula.
Opti-Brain™ contains over 20 whole food nutrients and herbs from pure, potent sources. Key ingredients include Huperzine A, bacopa extract, L-Glutamine, L-Theanine from green tea extract, DMAE, GABA, DHA, and more. We’ve also included a balanced blend of vitamins and minerals, including Vitamins A, C, B1, calcium, iron, and zinc, to ensure the nootropic ingredients deliver on the cognitive boost we’ve all been searching for.
Our nootropic nutrients and herbs have been carefully chosen for their effectiveness with enhancing focus, concentration, memory, learning, energy, and more. There are a lot of nootropic supplements out there but ONLY Opti-Brain™ is made with whole foods and pre-digested with Opti-BlendTM.
Your brain may very well feel a boost when your body absorbs this blend of potent ingredients, which can yield that cognitive enhancement you and your patients have been searching for. We expect people will reach new levels of focus, memory, alertness, balanced mood, and more.
There are hundreds of studies on the ingredients in this formula, all of them proving to provide a solid boost to cognitive functions, while sharpening your focus and helping to balance emotions. Emotions, nutrition, structural balance and brain function go hand-in-hand as we have taught and demonstrated for 48 years.
Nootropics and Neuroplasticity
Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to recognize and form neural connections, especially in response to learning and recovering from injury. It’s what keeps a brain pliable and alert. Opti-Brain™ provides the nutrients that improve neuroplasticity.
Neuroplasticity is a big thing in psychology and science. The ability to rewire your brain allows one to improve health, mental wellbeing and quality of life. A malleable brain is a happy and healthy brain. This plasticity of the brain allows patients to have greater recovery from a stroke or injury, overcome autism and learning disabilities, etc. The more one can focus and practice rewiring the brain, by structural correction, exercise and specific nutrition, the stronger the new connections become.
Opti-Brain™ focuses on the specific nootropics that help patients re-wire their synaptic impulses to help with short term and long term memory. This is very important not just for memory but also for the impulses needed for every function of the body. There is a good chance you will see a profound improvement in all aspects of brain health including motor skills and the ability for your patient to heal.
The Core Ingredients that set Opti-Brain™ apart:
BACOPA HERB has been shown to have both short-term and long-term effects. In short-term, it boosts brain health, focus and attention. It also levels out anxiety, depression, and regulates dopamine. It has been used in the past to treat memory loss and ADHD.
CHOLINE is an essential nutrient that turns into acetylcholine (the learning neurotransmitter), which leads to improvements in memory and mood.
DMAE is the building block for acetylcholine. Without it, your body wouldn’t receive any signals in the brain or nervous system. It pairs very well with choline.
HUPERZINE A inhibits an enzyme that degrades acetylcholine. This defense allows for boosts a wide range of functions, including mental clarity, concentration, information retention, and neuroplasticity (meaning your neurons keep on forming new links) by increasing acetylcholine levels in your brain.
L-THEANINE is an amino acid extracted from green tea leaves. It quickly increases dopamine and serotonin levels, helping you generally feel happier. L-Theanine has the rare ability to cross the blood-brain barrier, meaning it gets directly into your brain, instead of you having to wait for it to circulate through your system.
L-TYROSINE can help fight symptoms of depression while improving mood, focus, and energy. It might be the answer you need to help you find the motivation to dissipate that dark cloud looming over your head.
Call OHS today at 800-890-4547 and increase cognitive capabilities, along with provide your patients with the nootropic ingredients that the current literature has shown, along with many other improved functions, to help with depression, Alzheimer’s, ADHD and other neurological disorders.
Yours in Health and Wellness,

John W Brimhall, DC, BA, BS, FIAMA, DIBAK
Doug Grant, BS, ACSM





Dr. John Brimhall
Doug Grant

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