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February 20, 2017 - The New World Class Bio Cranial System Has Arrived by Dennis Pick, DC

The New World Class Bio Cranial System Has Arrived by Dennis Pick, DC
February 20, 2017 Puzzle Piece
    Dr John states: It’s As Simple as A, B, C Dr. Pick taught the doctors at the 2017 Brimhall Homecoming.  Many received the adjustment and want to know and feel more.  Dr Pick is teaching a class and you can read below the information he has furnished.
We also have a high quality video/Audio of all of the main Homecoming classes soon to be released.  Contact Jason at 866-338-4883 for their release date and titles.
     Dr Pick states:  The role of the cranial function has fascinated – and frustrated – practitioners of all persuasions for countless years.  The good news, however, is that the final piece of the jigsaw has been put in place.  With the result that I can tell you that: -
Cranial function is at the CORE of virtually all of our physiology, including muscular-skeletal problems.  The cranial mechanism will determine the balance of anatomy THROUGHOUT the body, including the spine itself.  There is only ONE cranial correction required to change that balance. THAT CORRECTION WILL TAKE NO MORE THAN SOME 3 MINUTES TO ACCOMPLISH!!!
Robert Boyd, DO, DBCS, FBCII, the founder and developer of Bio Craniopathy said the following: “In going back to the drawing board I found myself coming up with conclusions and answers that were stretching my own credulity!”
Among these were:
That there was a level of dysfunction in the causative processes that had never before been identified.
Why you do not even need to be aware of cranial movement and rhythms to perform cranial work.
Why you do not need to take what seems like forever over a cranial procedure.
Why the Bio Cranial System (BCS) is probably the most vitalistically based system you have ever come across – and probably the most profound.
You can be assured that, whatever therapy or therapies you employ at this moment, the Bio Craniopathic System will complement them easily!  
Bio Craniopathy was discovered by Robert Boyd, DO., a Registered U.K. Osteopath, is based on the scientific principle that true wellness can only be achieved if there is first normal physiological function. True health then is the result or an effect of normal function.
A previously unrecognized System which is the body’s controlling mechanism (the source of function), has been revealed by Dr. Boyd. He termed it simply the Master System because all other systems such as circulatory, musculoskeletal, endocrine, neurological and so on are dependent upon the integrity of this Master System.
Any interference or trauma to the Master System has been identified by Dr. Boyd as the core, primal Central Disturbance resulting in a “predisposing malfunction state” throughout the entire system, cascading downward, ultimately leading to the full range and myriads of symptoms & diseases.
Therefore, irrespective of symptoms (or the absence of them), the goal of Bio Craniopathy is to change the status of the Master System from its lesioned state (CONTRACTION) to that of freedom from interference (EXPANSION). Then and ONLY THEN, are we truly releasing health at its source.
Dr. Robert Boyd’s discovery has often been copied but never duplicated. We are excited to share this TRAILBLAZING DISCOVERY with you!
The beauty and simplicity of Bio Craniopathy (BC) is that there is no previous cranial experience required to successfully complete the training program which Dr. Boyd has prepared for practitioners like yourself. It is comprehensive, intensive, thought provoking, challenging and potentially life (and practice) changing. 
Is It Difficult To Learn?
            The only thing you will need is an open mind.  If you are stuck where you are and happy with it then this is not for you.  If however, you know deep down within your soul that there has to be something better then you are in the right place. You will find here the most logical exposition of a rationale on healing, healthcare (and many injuries) that you have ever seen or heard.  The Tutorial alone will take you into areas that you have probably wondered about, but never had explained.  Such as:
Why many patients’ problems just keep getting re-cycled, rather than cleared
Why there is a primary level of causation, hitherto unrecognized
Why many patients’ (and probably your own) disturbances show up mainly on one side of the body or the other (left or right) throughout life
Training Program
            The training program is world class standard and has been designed with three main objects in mind:
It would be affordable and excellent value for money. It would be practicable to learn and made sense to practitioners.
It would deliver the goods for practitioner and patients/clients alike.
The training program is constructed into 2 Modules.  The first two are accessed online.  No loss of time from office/ home. No expensive travel and hotel overheads.
 The Tutorial (Module 1) will not only make for exciting reading, but I can say that it will also be an eye opener relative to other present day understandings.
And So To Practical…
            But the practical is also infinitely more straightforward.  Guaranteed!  No long drawn out hands on heads, wondering, waiting, and thinking.
 Module 2 is the hands-on, in-class component. It is held at selected locations.  Our aim is to produce Practitioners of “Black Belt” level, ready to go straight into a new world of healthcare: one of freedom, confidence of results and a stress free practice.  An added bonus (for which there is no additional charge!!) is the high possibility of the attendees’ own personal health challenges being positively addressed. 
And Now For the Big One...
            You are probably wondering: how long do you have to spend working on a patient’s head? And then thinking/wondering, “Where do I go from here?”  The answer to the first question is, not 60 minutes, not 30 minutes, not even 10 minutes.  But, would you believe, a whole 3 minutes tops?!!  Guaranteed.
            To the second question, the answer is there is only one procedure to follow.  Incredible, isn’t it?  But true, and the reasons will become apparent as soon as you enter the world of Bio Craniopathy, which is vitalistically and holistically based.  As stated before it blends beautifully with the Six Steps to Wellness and other techniques.
March 18th:  9am to 5pm
March 19th : 9am to 1pm
The Hilton Garden Inn 24150 Park Sorrento Calabasas, CA 91302
Hotel: 818-591-2300
PLEASE NOTE: The class size is limited to only 12 registrants (currently 5 are already registered). This is due to the personal attention needed to make sure each participant has mastered the system and can perform the technology to it's highest level by completion of the course.
TO REGISTER: or 800-277-1648
You are warmly invited to learn this amazing Breakthrough.  Let us prove to you how a simple 3 minute Bio Craniopathic correction can impact your patients’/clients’ health like never before!
We hope you will join us in exploring this world-class discipline.
Yours in positive health, 
Dennis Pick, DC, DBCS, FBCAI
Jacqueline Pick, DC, DBCS, FBCAI
Vice President/Director of Education 
Bio Craniopathy Academy International 
Yours in Health,

Dennis Pick, DC, DBCS, FBCAI

Bio Craniopathic Academy International

Neurological Integration System
Master Level Practitioner

Yours in Health and Wellness

John W Brimhall, BA, BS, DC, FIAMA, DIBAK

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