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January 16, 2017 - Doug Grant on a Turn Key Exercise Program at Homecoming and Beyond!

Doug Grant on a Turn Key Exercise Program at Homecoming and Beyond!
January 16, 2017 Puzzle Piece

The attachment demonstrates what is available from OHS for you, your family and patients.  You can increase your health, wellness and resources by having your patients be trained online by professional trainers and nutritionists. Customized nutrition plans that have created 1,000s of pounds of fat loss, blood panel improvements and performance will be highlighted and they will show you how they keep your patients motivated and consistent.  Patients eat normal healthy foods without cutting out food groups so they can stay on the plan and function in normal society for life.

The Nutrition and Exercise plans for your patients are the most researched and proven plans available so you can feel confident they are improving their health daily.  The top professional athletes in the world rely on the OHS trainers and nutritionists for their eating/exercise and supplement programs, now your patients can to.

There will be a special dinner workshop Saturday Night, January 28, 2017 at 6:30 PM right after classes.  Doug and his trainers will demonstrate the many benefits and opportunities during the weekend and at the workshop.  Please review the attachment for your edification.   Call OHS for questions concerning this opportunity and/or about any and all of the pre-digested, whole food nutrition at 800-890-4547. 

There will be practitioners discussing the miracles of this unique and one of a kind nutrition during the whole weekend.  Dr Marc Harris will give you insights and research beyond what you think is possible on Energy, ATP and Mitochondria in association of Opti-Mito-Force.

Dr Wendy Meyer will discuss how this product supports and improves many genetic SNPs because of its one of a kind total inclusive, predigested, whole food, naturally methylated formula.

Friday Night there will also be a special workshop on getting out and staying out of debt, reducing your risks and taxes, 100% legally.  It is the way I live my life.  It will also begin at 6:30 PM.  Just go from your accredited classes, right into the dinner meeting both nights.   

This is truly the "Seminar of the Decade."  The OHS Nutrition is in a class by itself.  Dr Spock would have probably used it.



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See you at Homecoming 2017!

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