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January 2, 2017 - Brandy Makes the Front Cover of a Magazine! Businesses that grow and thrive make an active effort in continued education

Brandy Makes the Front Cover of a Magazine!

Businesses that grow and thrive make an active effort in continued education
January 2, 2017 Puzzle Piece

Doctors and CA's,

Brimhall Seminars is very proud to share with you that Brandy Brimhall was recently featured on the December cover of The Chiropractic Assistant magazine, along with her article 'A CA's Path to Professional Development'.  As she has for the past several years, Brandy will be teaching a workshop at our annual Homecoming seminar on January 25-29, 2017.  There, she will be sharing important need-to-know coding, billing, and risk management related information to you and your team.  If you haven't already registered for this event, now is the time to do so and bring your staff! 


Brandy's featured article highlights the importance of the CA role and the many different vehicles available for CA's to professional progress, thus, becoming more valuable to your practice and adding to their professional resume.  This past September marked Brandy's 17 years in chiropractic and she continues to regularly utilize those success tools and professional development strategies that are shared in the article.  See below for just a small clip of that article and take a look at your issue of The Chiropractic Assistant for the rest!  

Clip from December, 2016 Issue of The Chiropractic Assistant:

"No different than an insurance agent, real estate agent, and multitudes of other professions, it is critical that CAs be diligent and proactive in their efforts to improve their craft and stay up-to-date with industry standards and guidelines. 

As a CA, you are valuable.  To continue to maintain, and even increase, your value, regular professional development is an essential element that must not be overlooked. 

CAs contribute to the success of a practice in many ways, often times even beyond those duties that are defined in the individual job description.  They are also key contributors to establishing the personality of the practice and the development of patient relationships – the welcoming atmosphere, willingness and desire to serve, general professionalism, and more.  All of these things, including the day-to-day tasks, should continue to be evaluated, practiced, and developed."

Here is another exerpt from the article:

What you’ll gain by continued professional development as a Chiropractic Assistant:

There are many benefits to you when continuing professional development.  First, actively seeking and participating in educational opportunities demonstrates that you are a proactive individual.  Employers of all types look for this characteristic in their workforce members.  Being proactive builds trust and reliability.  Opportunities for advancement are more often made available for these proactive employees.

You become a stronger leader.  In chiropractic, as with any profession, employers look to strong leaders to spearhead projects, manage departments, and do future planning with.  Yet again, being a strong leader will allow other areas of your role to advance. 

You build your self-confidence and your value.  The more you learn, the more comfortable you become in your role and the more confident you feel in contributing to the business.  This valuable characteristic is immensely helpful to you as a CAs well as every other field.

What your practice and employer will gain by your continued professional development as a Chiropractic Assistant:

Businesses that grow and thrive make an active effort in continued education.  They work hard to ensure that their business practices are up to date with current guidelines, and they pride themselves when implementing new ideas and functioning efficiently.  These businesses also feel great comfort in knowing that their risk of investigations, audits, and penalties is evaluated and maintained at a minimum level.  This allows freedom to these businesses to provide updated equipment, improved work space, raises, bonuses, and other benefits that employees love to have available. 

Businesses that encourage and invest, as appropriate, into the professional development of their workforce tend to have lower turnover. 

Join us on January 27-29, 2017 at the Brimhall Homecoming for a seminar that is loaded with information and tools to take back to your practice and patients!  

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