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August 8 2016 Puzzle Piece - Solutions to Complicated Back Pain with Disc Involvement…


Solutions to Complicated Back Pain with Disc Involvement…

August 8, 2016 Puzzle Piece

I recently treated a complicated back pain patient that had disc involvement and radiating leg pain.  I do look for all 6 possible interferences and corrections. Let’s start with structural considerations first for this discussion.  I started my chiropractic training with Gonstead analysis and treatment at Palmer.  We also had extensive upper cervical training.  I took AK and SOT classes every spare minute at the same time.  I think it is important we never throw anything away, but instead, add to our understanding and treatment protocols.


This patient had been treated for several months by chiropractic, nutrition and therapy.  I think the missing link was correcting visceral problems, correcting the disc, scar tissue, and blending of several techniques to find the answers.
We found a dropped kidney bilaterally and lifted them up with the procedures taught in our classes.  To oversimplify, you test for a strong muscle, brush down externally over a kidney and if it makes the muscle weaken, we lift the kidney on that side.  Stand on the side of the kidney to be lifted, bend that knee and place your hands inferior to the kidney both anterior and posterior.  You push your hands (fingers) toward each other while you lift superior.  The kidneys are lifted upwards while you are using CSF rhythm and breathing together.  For those of you not trained in visceral manipulation, this may sound like a fairytale, but I assure you it is a phenomenal treatment.  I have seen patients on dialysis even respond very favorably to this treatment.

This patient also had scar tissue from an appendix surgery.  Lasering the scar (and needles if you are licensed) can give you instant favorable results.  Any scar interrupts normal energy flow and can be an underlying cause of any and almost every type of pain in the body, including back pain.  We used the 6.1 watt LZR7’s ZX2 laser to clear the scar.  We also gently percussed the scar with the VibraCussor.  Having said that, remember the Ileocecal valve is in this area and could be spastic or incompetent, which was the case here.  Besides using percussion, we lifted the valve toward the opposite shoulder until we felt it release.

Disc involvement had been diagnosed medically.  We also used testing with AK or MRT (Muscle Response Testing) to determine the level and angle of drive.  We treated the 4L with the ArthroStim by being 1 ½ inches lateral to fourth lumbar and angling toward the disc.  We use light pressure aiming at the midline of the 4L disc and increased pressure slightly as we felt the area relaxing and then remove contact at complete relaxation/release.  We also lasered the disc area anterior and posterior for approximately one minute.  The ZX2 is very powerful at 6 watts.  Remember one watt for one second is one jewel of energy.  So we are administering 6 jewels of infrared per second, plus 100 mw of red.  This is the most powerful cold laser I am aware of.  You get all of the benefits of power without the heat or possible burns.

We did balance the cranium, TMJ and pelvis with the VibraCussor.  The patient had both an inspiration and EOP to glabella fault.  If some of this sounds unfamiliar or rusty to you, please call Jason (866-338-4883) at Brimhall “Health Path Seminars” for our DVD’s, online program and get to our annual Homecoming, which will be January 27-29, 2017 in Tempe, AZ.  I also used the other five steps on this patient but to explain all of would be to long for today.  We will discuss further considerations in Puzzle Pieces, yet to come.

Yours in Health and Wellness

John W Brimhall, BA, BS, DC, FIAMA, DIBAK

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