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July 25 2016 Puzzle Piece - Virtual Consultation for Powerful ROF


Virtual Consultation for Powerful ROF

July 25, 2016 Puzzle Piece    

3D Practice: Virtual Consultation 3D ROF Better Acceptance and Better Compliance

Great New Way to Educate Your Patients and a WEBINAR

A picture is worth a thousand words can surely be true.  I did a webinar with Robert Roca last week on his 3D reporting systems.  He has made special ones for different Chiropractic Techniques and generic ones that fit most practices.  I do not normally talk about advertising or this type of education but I am very impressed with his graphics and presentations.

I use these with every patient I see.  They are really good for education and understanding.  Take a couple of minutes and see if you like them.  There are different topics you can let run in your reception area that are very effective as well.

The webinar link is attached.

Let us know your thoughts.

Please Watch the Free Webinar Replay by Clicking Below (From July 12, 2016) 

3d_webinar 2


Join Dr John Brimhall and Robert Rocha as they presented: 

-Why 3D Animations for Patient Education is Light Years Ahead
-Virtual Consultation Product Overview 
-Report of Findings with Virtual Consultation 
-Marketing Your Practice with Virtual Consultation
Robert is willing to make special presentations for specific techniques and individual practices
These presentations can also be used as in office advertising and education




Virtual Consultation for Powerful ROF



Interactive 3D Patient Education


Better Acceptance | Better Compliance | Less Time









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"Virtual Consultation is the best Report of Findings (ROF) tool I have ever come across! It has allowed me to show patients what is the extent of their condition while looking flashy doing it. The animations have helped me have near a 100% acceptance rate for my care plans. Since installing the software, I have closed over $200K worth of care that would have been lost if I would not have used it. I would never do a ROF without Virtual Consultation!"
-- Dr Kristi Houtz
" VC paid for itself many times over the very first day I used it! I have an open adjusting area with VC on a 27" touch screen computer. It's easy to use and has been my best practice building tool. I just can't imagine practicing without it”  —Dr. Dean Brown
"I had a patient last night that had 5 spinal surgies in the past 3 years.  I went over his findings and used your program (flat screen hung directly to the right of my desk) and educated him on what his initial disc problem was.  He asked me why his neurosurgeon never explained his condition like I did.  The reality is you have created the best form of patient education on the market. The rest of my profession needs to know that.." —Dr. Jeffrey Roistacher
"While in practice, I used Virtual Consultation to aid my patient report of findings and found it so helpful I now recommend it to all our current clients and doctors looking to improve their patient educational experience.  Nothing can compare to Virtual Consultation at any price point.” 
—Dr. Joe Ferrantelli
"Really impressed with the product so far! Really impressed."  —Dr. Dean Blackstock





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Virtual Consultation is the single best patient education product on the market today and it's a great way to market and grow your practice with Powerful ROF, Presentations, Social Media, Workshops, Professional Meetings and Health Fairs.




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