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June 6 2016 Puzzle Piece - How Bemer Helps Me Live with a Genetic Disorder by Wendy Meyer, DC

How Bemer Helps Me Live with a Genetic Disorder by Wendy Meyer, DC
June 6, 2016 Puzzle Piece    


When one is purchasing any equipment there are two basic questions one asks.  What does it do, and does it really work.
The Bemer technology claims to increase circulation up to 37% in 8 minutes.  When you take into account that 80% of all diseases are caused by hypoxia, it is worth considering utilizing this technology.  This is where my story begins…

About 2 years ago, I was plagued by so much fatigue that I debated how to cut back on the hours that I worked.  This fatigue was not relieved by rest, nutrition, eating healthy, or exercising.   In the afternoons, I would start to forget what I was going to say.  Luckily, my staff knew the information well enough to cover for me.  I attended a seminar where I had some brain work performed and did feel better.  It only helped temporarily.   I started to slip again and decided to research different seminars that might help me understand what was happening. 

I started the Carrick traumatic brain injury and neurology programs, which I am now almost at the end of 300 hours.  I definitely do not recommend taking these courses if you hare having memory problems. That makes this whole story quite ironic. In fact, when Dr Brimhall asked me to write my story, I was hesitant.  No one likes to admit they have problems.  After all, we help others all day long, year after year with the Brimhall Protocol using the Adjustor, Percussor, laser, muscle testing, PEMF, nutrition etc.

In Dr Carrick’s courses, they recommended several pieces of equipment that can be quite expensive, but I started with some of the less expensive things including a Pulse Oximeter.  You can use these little devices to measure oxygen levels in the blood and your pulse.  Normal levels are between 93-100%.  If your levels go below 93% you need to stop your treatment on the patient because you are pushing their bodies too hard. 

One group of patients that you can consistently get lower readings on is Parkinson’s patients.  The trend I have seen on them is their pulse would rise to over 150 and their oxygen levels would drop below 90% if we did too much.  I learned very quickly to stop treatment if they dropped below 90%,



Since getting a Bemer, I have them lie on the Bemer pad during treatment.  After about the third treatment their oxygen does not drop and I do not have to stop the treatment.  Working on them while on the Bemer also gives me more oxygen too. 

This brings the story back to me.  I have discovered, with testing, I have a genetic problem that allows my oxygenation of the blood to go very low.  Noting I did before getting a Bemer seemed to help long term.  My Pulse Ox would drop into the 80’s just sitting at my desk.  If I walked around, it would drop into the 70’s.  Naturally I thought my Pulse Oximeter was broken.  After all they cost under a hundred dollars.  So I took the correct action and bought more Pulse Oximeters and much to my surprise and dismay, they gave me the same low readings.  They all worked fine on the patients I was testing and treating.

Before getting a Bemer, each month, my oxygen levels were going even lower.  Every time I tried an exercise program other than slow walking, I would get a cold on the third day.  Just before I purchased the Bemer, my lowest reading was 31% oxygen in my blood.  Dr. Brimhall said he did not think, according to the literature, that was allowed to happen and me get to tell about it.

After getting the Bemer, I can now maintain at 87-100% levels.  The other benefits are I don’t have the extreme fatigue, am not as hungry, and can exercise without getting sick.  I tried a week without the Bemer and the numbers dropped again.  I do not have the whole story yet as to what is causing the drop in oxygen, but I am able work the long hours and have a normal life again with Bemer Wave Therapy. 

If you have any doubts that the Bemer can increase circulation, check your patient’s oxygen level and watch it go up with the Bemer.  It seems to increase oxygenation and nutrition to the cells and carry away toxins.  That is a good idea for everyone, with or without symptoms being manifested.

Wendy Meyer, DC

Yours in Health and Wellness,

John W Brimhall, BA, BS, DC, FIAMA, DIBAK

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